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  1. Sort of a bug: There's a chance that the hostile archer in the Burgage House balcony can spot you outside your house at the very start of the mission. He'll start firing arrows, which will then make the otherwise friendly city watch hostile towards you by proxy.
  2. After two completions of this mission, first on Expert, and then on Normal here is a spoiler heavy review:
  3. Alright, I got it. I had been through that area from the cave many times, but I could never find the key. I only noticed the skeleton from the roof of the entrance, and I could only notice that you could even climb up to the roof after turning the gamma way the hell up. Another question: Does the difficulty setting affect the number of enemies in the mission? Also is the house with the attic and the moon-window of any significance?
  4. Does anyone else find the to be blackjack-proof when they are squatting down? I ended up quicksaving right before one was squatting down to pick up a weapon, but every blackjack attempt failed. Either it would hit his rear and not KO, or the blackjack would whiff right through him. The only way to get him was to wait until he would stand back up.
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