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  1. @Dragofer Could you make another file for the PARTICLES folder? If r_SkipUpdates 1, it helps. But in the game, in this case, bugs appear. Player can not open the doors
  2. yes! yes! You're a good wizard! Put a "particles" folder with your file in the TDM folder and the fog disappeared!
  3. I did everything like you wrote, but the fog didn't go away....version 2.09b
  4. I see, that you did this mission for yourself and a bunch of very expensive powerful video cards owners. You're very kind to all players. ) )) Why get into the perfomance optimization, if you have a powerful video card! )
  5. @JackFarmer 1. Why did you do a particles fog on your map? After all, you can make an ordinary fog. Which can be turned off the variable , if the fog gets in the way: r_skipFogLights "1" I wanted to play with good visibility and with good performance, But your Particles fog does not give me to do it. 2. I walk up to this thing that's on the screen and right click. I hear the sound as if a player is raising or lowering the door handle. But this thing doesn't even have a door handle on it. Perhaps you should replace that sound with another sound or delete it...? it's just weird and it doesn't make sense.
  6. Hi I started testing the new "The Black Mage" mission in versions 2.09b and 2.10. I wanted to turn off the fog for better visibility and better performance. But I couldn't as my favorite variable stopped working! seta r_skipFogLights "1" In version 2.07 this variable worked and I was able to disable fog in Thief's Den 3 mission (Heart of Lone Salvation) Maybe there is other variables to disable fog in the latest versions of the game? If this is a bug, please fix it.
  7. @stgatilov about beta210-02 (rev 16411-9731) I could to run this version on windows 7. But I'm seeing some strange things. 1. Language Switching. I switched the language in the game menu to Russian. A black screen with the cursor appears. I pressed many buttons and only the Excape button helped me.... If you go to the menu while the mission is running and try to change the language, the game hangs.. 2. I tried in the game config to remove the bobing of the player. But it didn't help. The settings were reset by the game seta pm_bobroll "0" seta pm_bobpitch "0" seta pm_bobup "0" seta pm_runroll "0" seta pm_runpitch "0" seta pm_runbob "0" seta pm_walkbob "0" seta pm_crouchbob "0" Maybe it's possible to fix
  8. Thank you. However, the Source Revision there is old. Latest Source Revision 8079 You can view the Source Revision in the console by entering the command si_version
  9. I didn't update the game, I downloaded the full version. In the program, I choosed "Get custom version" mirror: аuto
  10. An error has occurred in this program. I tried to download the stable version 2.07, but I couldn't (screenshot below). Аnd I'm now sure that if players download the latest version 2.09b, it may be missing some files due to a bug. Can the developers check this program and fix it? It would be very convenient, if all versions were uploaded to some cloud and players could download any version without this program.
  11. @cabalistic I have no doubt, that version 2.09 is better, superior to version 2.07 in some way.... You've done a great job. Almost now there are no such free game projects in the world as this one. your contribution to the development of the game is very significant.... And the project continues to develop... But I'm asking you very much. Do not make new versions of this game available only for owners of powerful gaming computers. You can always leave ability of playing with the performance as in 2.07. For those who wish it P.S. But it's up to you, the developers, to decide . The choice is yours. I will accept any choice you make. As a last resort, I will use version 2.07
  12. TDM 2.07/64 #8079 ddaazzaa made a new version with compatibility for 2.07 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i5XHI_CGqrVRLtT1LRLe4cjBaaLgkQ0u/view?usp=sharing
  13. tested the exterior territory of the castle Yes, I use " getviewpos" In version 2.07 59 - 60 fps in version 2.09, the lowest fps is 14-15
  14. New important information This information may be unpleasant for developers, but I can not remain silent.... I tested this mission in game versions 2.07 and 2.09 This mission version works with high good fps in the game version 2.07. ddaazzaa is a professional mapper and a very kind person. May God grant him health and long life! Now anyone can play his mission if he has weak hardware, but in version 2.07 In version 2.09, low fps in this mission. We, Players, would like to see this perfomance issue resolved in version 2.10 Developers, you are the best! I am sure that you will succeed!
  15. It helped. but the picture became very dark. playing is now very difficult due to poor visibility
  16. i dont use triple buffering. I don't use the video driver settings I can't turn off VSync. since there will be Screen Tearing
  17. @ddaazzaa Тhаnk! I've tested with the fog, the area between the sea and the castle fence is already fine.... But on the castle grounds itself there are places with low fps
  18. Тest: Thief's Den 3: Heart of Lone Salvation Settings: by default Version: 2.09 Bug description: While the player is moving, if he look at the floor, he can see a wave of light. This wave of light moves with the player, as if the player is the source of this light. Example. stand at the specified point, go forward till the next point and at the same time look at the area marked with a white line.
  19. Thank. Removing the fog particles in the mission removed the low FPS in the castle grounds. blackgrove_no_fog.pk4 works better a variable with this value improves visibility, but does not increase for me performance: seta r_skipFogLights "1" FPS drop is still there between the sea and the castle fence.
  20. duzenko Suggestion Is it possible to update the shadow rendering in the new version? For example, so that the player through the config can specify the distance from the player at which the shadows (all shadows) can be drawn.... This would greatly improve performance. This feature has long been used with success in Cry Engine Otherwise, only rich people will be able to play the new missions. You see, that many Mappers have good hardware and create only missions with high system requirementsс
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