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  1. I did just that. I had played like 3 times up to that Elven forest city, where I always got stuck because of a bug in the pirated version. Years later I finished the game with proper patches. Finished it with a simple half-orc brute. I don't think I will replay again, though.
  2. Bah, I'm in the majority group, how predictable
  3. I also found said character to my liking. That being said I also like empress/witch Jadis from Narnia setting, Titan ladies from Disciples, Undines from Solar Cycle and many other such giant ladies with inclination towards violence. And those simply classy but quite violent ladies like Elizabeth from Undying, Gaby from Blood etc. But I dislike the women characters who are put in game/books/movies simply because SJW's dictate for 'equality/diversity/etc' propaganda, most of them are bland and boring, made just to please their overlord Soros.
  4. I wouldn't. Experiences are good in the context they are in. It is not possible to re-experience anything by simply deleting the memory of it, since the context would be different, you would have different experience about other games and your existence in general than you had in the past. For example, when I was an elementary school kid I thought Golden Axe 2 to be quite awesome and in my mind I had idealized view on the game. But once I played it again years later I discovered to view it less favorably, since I started to notice things like graphic, for example. Similarly, if I would try to re-experience some old fps nowadays, it's gameplay I might find less to my liking due to wanting less linear experience, as that is what I have already experienced elsewhere.
  5. I do like culture from eighties, but later not as much. That being said nowadays totalitarian culture is even worse, of course, artistic freedom is oppressed similarly like it was done in USSR, which produces loads of 'politically correct' trash that nobody likes, except utter zombies. I'm even struggling to find good books that wouldn't be SJW/libtard propaganda garbage. In USSR we could at least use the propaganda books as kindling for fireplace, but nowadays the digital books can't be even burned, unfortunately, they just waste space on servers and waste our time. And I know a lot of my liking towards older games is just nostalgia. Like how the older fps'es had so much more stagnant and therefor spookier environment and atmosphere, Thief included in those. And I do love all that 80ies retrofuturism stuff that's somewhat revived these days, not as much on mainstream, but if you search a bit. I didn't even live that long in the eighties myself and it's debatable whether the period even affected me back then. Regarding climate - I haven't felt any differences in all my life in those continents that I roam around. But if you dislike Earth's climate - there's always the option to go to live on Mars, Musk's a great man, that planet will become a great republic over time.
  6. I can try to do Latvian language translation. The link you included feels somewhat disorienting, with what would you suggest I should start the translation ?
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