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  1. How fun is it to play as an undead in thief trilogy / dark mod ? The haunting(T2) and To the end with nothing(T2). Those FMs are exemplary according to me


    *tangential, Garrett vs countless apparitions



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    2. datiswous



      Imagine if the player could fire up to 3 simultaneous ghost skulls

      Looks like Skull Storm from CB Undying

    3. chakkman


      Was your former forum nickname "Kurshok" by chance?

    4. taffernicus


      nope this is my only account here

  2. mouthwatering cattle head and goat blood, luxurious baroque-esque architecture ritual room

  3. looking for holy water proof and meele resistant clothes . Currently in speed potion cold turkey. Duh i must train myself to be as agile as fireshadow, Mages are inferior compared to me!

  4. this user is impervious to holy water

    open to work, seeking for private supernatural guard job for rich noble house job , supernatural mercenary job, sacred place private security or something along that line

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