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  1. Ok, I'm missing something. I've only found one key... ... and I can't seem to get any further. I've rechecked all the bodies for keys and haven't found any. I'm not able to get into the siege shop area or the door on the left on the bottom floor as you get off the elevator. Is this a bug or did I miss something completely obvious? Thanks, Richard
  2. Yup, mine's CMI8786 based and it also uses the snd_oxygen driver. Sounds pretty good and even has a headphone amp, though I haven't tried it yet and only payed about $27 for it. Richard
  3. I already tried making the whole file read only but it didn't work. I'm not sure what's going on there. I already use a script from ~/bin to load darkmod so I may just make a fresh copy of dmargs.txt every time as well. Yeah, the CARD and DEV settings probably are not needed. I looks like you already figured it out but the device just needs to be one listed from "aplay -L".
  4. Have you tried using straight alsa with a dmargs.txt file? Other than the problem listed above it's been great. No delayed audio and the audio quality has been better too, but then again I upgraded from on-board sound to a real sound card recently (Asus Xonar DG) Here's my dmargs.txt (with 5.1 surround sound sytem): +set s_alsa_pcm surround51:CARD=DG,DEV=0 +set s_numberofspeakers 6 +set s_driver best Dang it! When I went to look it up my dmargs.txt file was blank again! Had to use my backup from my home directory. Richard
  5. I've run into a strange issue twice now. I setup my dmargs.txt with my sound card settings (now I get good audio!!!!) but twice now after a few successful runs I start the game and no audio. I went and checked my dmargs.txt and it was blank! Thinking it was a fluke I discovered the right settings again and this time I made a copy called dmargs.txt.backup. Now it happened again and both files are blank! This time I made a copy and put it in my home directory and also changed the permissions to read only. Hopefully it sticks this time. Any idea what's going on? Thanks, Richard
  6. Just finished this map (with a little help from this thread). I also liked the intro music and was looking forward to more but that never happened Things I liked: - Storyline - Large city + mansion map - I had to go change my underwear at one point! Things I didn't like: - Not much really. I found the perma-alert guards to be a problem at first because I'm not used to it. - THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER MAP! (Good thing I'm not one!) I would have never found the gem without the hints in this thread. VERY sneaky. Also you have to read the readables VERY carefully! Other issues (not directly related to this map) - I put off playing this mission because it was subtitled "Thief Den 4" but I had a hard time figuring out which maps are considered 1-3. Neither the in game mission downloader or the download page make this easy to figure out. There's probably more, but it's time to put the kids in bed! Richard
  7. Thanks for the tip! The sound delay was driving me nuts. Made it impossible to pick locks that don't have a visual indicator. I ended up setting up mine as: +set s_alsa_pcm surround51:CARD=DG,DEV=0 +set s_driver best +set s_numberofspeakers 5 and it seems to work fine so far. I have a Creative Labs 5.1 surround system with an Asus Xonar DG[1] sound card (much better than onboard audio!) Thanks, Richard [1] The Asus Xonar DG sound card has a new cmedia chip that requires a 2.6.38 or greater kernel! Of course there's also a minimum alsa version but if your distro has a newer kernel you should be running a new enough alsa version.
  8. I never tried pulling up the console in the menu... That's got it! So when I was running AAS after loading the map it did fix the walk paths (in memory) but it didn't get written to the actual map files? Or rather it did get written and somehow made the saved games incompatible with the map? Either way, Thanks! Richard
  9. I've tried this on two different maps with the same result.... Also, only one of them complained about AAS being out of date but I was starting a map and noticed that the AI (what's the correct way to refer to an NPC?) kept walking in an oval circle that would be impossible to get around so I ran "runAAS" and he started walking further down the hallway. I'll try the other suggestion... Thanks, Richard
  10. Subject pretty much says it all. I'm running linux and when I notice that the AI walk paths don't look right I run "runAAS mapname" This fixes their walk paths but if I save after running it then when I reload from that save it crashes darkmod... Any ideas? Richard
  11. Well I finished this mission as my first! It started out being very difficult until my unused Thief skills starting coming back (and adjusting to the differences). I was having a hard time with the Renevants (is that how you spell it?) until I figured out that a quick jab to the head worked better than trying to cleave down on their head even though it doesn't look like they're wearing head armor. The place is a darn maze and although I kinda knew my way near the end of it I hard a hard time re-finding the ritual room.
  12. Thanks to everyone for replying so quickly. Since so many did I'll try to answer en'mass instead of individually. I've only tried a couple of maps, starting with the training mission. In that one it seemed to happen most often in the jumping/climbing/mantling area. Once with nothing around me. It did seem like I was "attached" to something. It also happened to me in NHAT #1 when I was underwater but still "floating" downstream and then again when going up for air at the stalactites. I'll try noclip and see if it helps. Also, what's up with the default ~ for putting away weapons? I guess it's the same as the original series but it also brings up the console which is a bit awkward. Thanks, Richard
  13. I didn't see anything about this in any of the wiki's but hopefully the problem is not unique to me. Sometimes me/the player/the thief (what's the right way to refer to the game self? freezes. The game continues. It's not a full game freeze, I just can't move although I can pan around with the mouse. It usually lasts about 20-30 seconds and then things return to normal. Attempts to move are "lost" but one "jump" is remembered and is executed after the freeze. System is Fedora 14 x86_64 w/ Nvidia 450GTS. Other than that I have to say I'm very impressed and I'm glad I found this site as I really missed the Thief series. Well, actually, I do have one other thing... What's the best way to take care of undead? It seemed to take multiple holy water arrows unless hitting them while they're dormant doesn't count and fire arrows are loud and an expensive (supply wise) way to take care of them. Flash bombs and mines didn't seem to have much effect but I thought I remembered that working in the original series... Thanks, Richard
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