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  1. Glad to hear you got it working
  2. As far as I'm aware, it's standalone but having the games installed anyway means I can't be 100% sure without uninstalling them. I'm pretty sure they would have to make it standalone or they'd have to clearly indicate you'd need HL2 or whatever installed also.
  3. Yeah, not to everyone's taste but different from the norm
  4. The point of the game is to lose yourself in the emotion of the thing. Not blow the crap out of it
  5. Yep, it looks wonderful and a stroll around the island is a great experience.
  6. I managed to get TDM working on Ubuntu 11.10. Just need to sort my sound card out since it doesn't seem to like my Creative XFi card
  7. That is stunning! I hope someone takes this up pretty quickly.
  8. Oooh, that sounds positive. I like the whole idea of TDM being stand alone. Ok, maybe we need to add the asset files to make it work but it would be a great step forward.
  9. Ok, someone pass me the beating stick. I'm very much a RTFM guy and I didn't
  10. Has anyone managed to get TDM running natively on Linux since the Doom 3 source got released? Or am I living in the dream and not realised it yet? If so, got any instructions?
  11. The price is right for me so I'm going to give them a bash. Been wanting to try Bryce out for quite a while
  12. I've had no problems with it myself. My thoughts exactly. GOG are doing great things and I want to support them as much as I can. Simply having Freespace 2, Thief Gold and 2, and many old favourites DRM-free and playable on a modern system is good enough reason for me.
  13. Thief Gold released on GOG for $9.99 *instabuy*
  14. Will do. My weekend was a little hectic. Will try and record some of the script over the next couple of days.
  15. My thoughts and concerns exactly. Saying that, there are a number of releases that utilise community patches and with the large Thief community still active, I'd be both surprised and disappointed if they went the DOSBox route.
  16. Sure, anything you are particularly after? If you give me a few lines and (if necessary) a context, I'll do the rest and PM you details of where to grab them.
  17. True, but we all know what a company like this is like. They have spent 2 years wrangling over whether the source code for the engine can be released open source. Using it to make the games run on modern machines is probably time and money they don't want to waste on something that wouldn't likely reap back the expense of doing it in the first place. Otherwise I totally agree, fixing the engine to do this would be ideal.
  18. Someone posted an image in the forum of the Thief cover pixelated like one of the clues and they were pretty much an exact match. I'd say the Thief series will make an appearance on GOG. I just hope they use as much of the community fixes as they can or it will be a nightmare.
  19. If you need some vocals with a genuine British accent, I'm happy to provide some.
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