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  1. I always remove the swort from equipment in the shop at mission start. But I like it more when you can pick up the equipment you want inside the mission, like some missions allow (Requiem, Who watches the watcher, The Accountant 2)

  2. On 2/26/2023 at 9:29 PM, SeriousToni said:

    But layers don't work with the automation tool, do they? I mean switching on and off the visibility and having that also ingame.

    No not really, but you can hide everything except the room and then it's easier to move to the room. But not a good solution.

    On 2/27/2023 at 7:02 AM, Geep said:

    In TDM console, you can use "teleport" to get to a named entity. I found it useful to have certain things (like teleport targets or rugs) with very simple, memorable names to teleport to.

    Interesting. Could be used with info_locations. Although HMart's solution is probably better.

    On 2/27/2023 at 7:02 AM, Geep said:

    RE automation tool - which I have little knowledge of because my rig is too underpowered to run active DR and TDM at the same time - I can imagine there could be a way in the future for DR Layers to also send vast numbers of hide/unhide commands to individual ingame entities corresponding to layers. That approach probably would be slow, though.

    Well, if you have DR active with a map file with one room-layer active, then in TDM teleport to another room and in DR activate that room-layer and sync camera, it will probably not be so harmful on system resources, depending on the size and complexity of that specific room.

    I think this stuff can already be done with scripts directly in DR (make a menu, jump camera to specific positions, activate/deactivate layers, etc.), but I find DR-scripting too difficult to understand (no Python knowledge).

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  3. On 2/27/2023 at 1:42 AM, Xolvix said:

    There's also the Godot Engine which is supposedly increasing in popularity if you believe certain people on the Internet, although I've yet to encounter a commercial game actually using it.

    There's plenty of games that use it, mostly 2d.

    On 2/26/2023 at 6:30 PM, datiswous said:

    I often wonder what the use case is for Unity nowadays..

    So what I see people say is Godot is way better at 2d than Unity (already in 3.5). I personally can't give an opinion about it, because I haven't used the engines to make games but @Moonbo's new 2d game is using Unity (I think) so I wondered why he made that choice, but I didn't ask yet..

    In 3d there are also better options.

    I think it's probably the assets store. And possibly the amount of tutorials.

  4. Is there a console command (in tdm) that makes you jump to specific info locations? Coupled with automation, you could quickly jump to different rooms in a large map. I guess instead I could make a filter that filters everything away except the info locations. Then navigate between them..

    Probably most mappers use a layer for every room (hide everything except the room)?

  5. On 2/21/2023 at 6:16 PM, Geep said:

    - Have the "inline" and "srt" commands take an optional additional parameter, for overall duration (i.e., greater than the clip duration).

    It seems to me this could also be interesting if you quickly want to create a conversation based on no sound, but with added subtitles, then if it looks good, you can add the audio later. So I can just use one 1 second silent ogg file for multiple voices and for every voice sentence, specify the length and put the subtitle in that length.

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  6. 21 hours ago, kano said:

    I sure am glad these guys failed so spectacularly in the phone market.

    I used to have a Nokia Lumia (Windows) phone for 3.5 years (free updates in that period), I was very happy with it. So I disagree. Their ui was i.m.o. better than Android and ios. It was also relativally fast on low resources.

  7. Here is a draft for an fm_root.subs file (subtitles inclusion):

     * This file should be overridden in order to provide mission-specific subtitles.
     * When doing so, please follow the conventions:
     *   1) The root decl is called "fm_root" and is located in file "fm_root.subs".
     *   2) All other subtitle decls start with "fm_" prefix and are located in files starting with "fm_".
    fm_root {
    	include "fm_guard"
    	include "fm_lovell"
    	include "fm_ludmilla"
    fm_guard {
    	verbosity story
    	inline "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_guard1.ogg" "What is your business here?"
    	srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_guard2.ogg" "subtitles/guard2.srt"
    fm_lovell {
    	verbosity story
    	inline "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell1.ogg" "Well, well, well, if it isn't lady Lumilla. Come in, Let's talk."
    	inline "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell2.ogg" "So, what brings you to my office mylady?"
    	srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell3.ogg" "subtitles/lovell3.srt"
    	inline "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell4.ogg" "Supply and demand, demand and supply mylady. Take it or leave it."
    	inline "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell5.ogg" "A shame. I'm sure we could arrange some other kind of payment, my lady"
    	srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_lovell6.ogg" "subtitles/lovell6.srt"
    fm_ludmilla {
    	verbosity story
    	inline "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla_iwarnyou.ogg" "I warn you!"
    	inline "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla1.ogg" "Oh hello, I'm here to see mister Lovell please."
    	srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla2.ogg" "subtitles/ludmilla2.srt"
    	inline "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla3.ogg" "What!? This is robbery Lovell!"
    	inline "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla4.ogg" "Are you kidding!? The price is outrageous, I don't have that kind of gold! "
    	srt "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla5.ogg" "subtitles/ludmilla5.srt"
    	inline "sound/sfx/mandrasola/mandrasola_ludmilla6.ogg" "Goodby!"



  8. Quote

    When enabled, the extension 'records' the network traffic on a given tab and stores the data in the browser. The recordings page shows a listing of all archived pages.

    The extension allows users to replay the archived web pages (using the replayweb.page system), and allows users to export archived pages in standard WARC and new WACZ formats.


    https://replayweb.page for reading exported WARC and WACZ files (although you first have to be online to reach that place, after that the page works offline). You can also download offline program. I guess you don't need this if you use the extension.

    (tested, works well)

    You do have to visit all the DR related pages on the wiki.

  9. I wonder how subtitles show up when two seperate voices are played at the same time. This would happen all the time with ai-barks and look bad if they overlap. Probably best if tdm does not allow overlapping of subtitles (so choosing one sound to display, closest).

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