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  1. Yup, I'll try and upload that sometime tomorrow.
  2. Yup, I'll try and upload that sometime tomorrow.
  3. Just played this again for the first time since 1.07 (I think) and had a blast - first part (outside) is especially tense with all the patrolling guards, and a real challenge. Once you're inside, it gets a bit easy (apart from some "How the heck was I supposed to find that?" key/switch hunts - couldn't remember where they were and had to search this forum for help). Having guards switching the lights back on could be good, but I think it'd have to be well thought-out or it could mean getting busted all the time and make the game unplayably difficult. Got a real scare near the end - I thought I had KO'd everyone indoors, was scampering around trying to find a key and was running along an upstairs corridor when a guard suddenly came out of a room in front of me and gave chase. Absolutely no idea where he came from, but I suspect he was an 'outside' guard who may have seen me while I was on the outside balcony and came in to check. Awesome! Really good to revisit it after so long. Thanks Carnage.
  4. I remember getting so frustrated in the early days of playing TDM - KO'ing just seemed to be impossible. And then...I learned how to do it and I got used to it. (Still bork it at times but that's part of the fun.) And yeah, like AH, I usually leave hardly anyone standing. BTW - re guards who have blackjack-resistant helmets: can they be knocked out by dropping heavy objects on them, or does their helmet make them immune to that as well?
  5. I've got exactly the same problem with my old Samsung RV511 - OK, it's Intel HD only (Intel GMA X4500M DVMT, to be precise) but it ran 1.07 and 1.08 OK(ish)(mostly). It's set to the correct monitor resolution in the cfg file. I opened the console and the text there is unreadably pixellated too. Managed to open 'Too Late' and it looked dire. For me it's not vital as 2.0 runs fine on my power laptop, but I'd be interested to see if there is a solution - the Samsung is what I take on trips/holidays etc and it'd be nice to be able to play some TDM if I feel like it (albeit at greatly reduced fps rates).
  6. Mine's still chugging along at about 70kbps. Still, just over 2½ taffers served with good meaty TDM standalone goodness. I'm like one of those tiny little rowboats that went over to Dunkirk in WWII and picked two soldiers up, while you and HaVok sent in the aircraft carriers. Or something.
  7. I thought it was like a pocket-sized version of DrK's Rocksbourg series, but without the nightmarishly suffocating atmosphere; DrK-lite, if you like (and I do like; DrK's a genius and I played the Rocksbourg series to about halfway through 'Ink & Dust', but the atmosphere just got too oppressive for me and I bailed out). Hope this comes across as the compliment it's meant as.
  8. @Tr00pertj: I've put a video up showing how I get from behind the guard station to loads of places without touching ground level (except for when I bork the jump). If you can't be bothered to watch the whole thing, skip to 9:00 where I get to the place I shouldn't be : -
  9. I'll put a video up sometime this evening (I hope). Easier than trying to describe it. Just finished the mission, apart from getting back home (which I've got no idea how to do apart from noclipping, so I'm probably missing something obvious) - man. Definitely straight in the top five TDM missions (so far...). An artistic and technical triumph. EDIT: Yes. I was. Missing something obvious. Durrrrr.... EDIT #2: And then i saw your answer Moonbo. Double durrrr.... (And, yes, it answered my crypt question.) I did hope that It didn't.
  10. TTLG forums have been hacked. They're asking everyone to reset their passwords: -
  11. It's possible to get up there without rope arrows. So far, the only thing I've needed a rope arrow for is , but even there I think it may be possible to do it by mantling. BTW, Moonbo, is there anything in ? Or is it just for atmosphere?
  12. Actually, he was endorsing not pirating it. He just managed to make it a real insult to EM instead of a suck-up.
  13. You uploaded 60GB? In an hour?? I've been seeding 11hrs and only uploaded 3.25GB so far. (Still, that's one-and-a-third taffers supplied.)
  14. Just want to say the rooftop traversing opportunities are fantastic! I've managed to get from the back entrance of the city guard station to the balconies in the cathedral grounds and then back into the requiem service without touching the ground. (It isn't easy, but it is possible.) Also (and it took me a while), I think I have finally got somewhere I really shouldn't have (although Siyah probly got there before me): :wub: :wub: Frankly, the rest of the mission could be rubbish and I'd still love it for this section alone, but it sounds like it keeps getting better as it goes on... I think Moonbo's a bit burnt out from creating this one. Not too surprised really....
  15. I remember especially liking how you could dump bodies anywhere, no matter how cramped the space. They didn't always go where you'd hope they'd go, mind.
  16. Noticed this over at TTLG. Really interesting concept (awful title tho', IMHO). http://superhotgame.com/ http://steamcommunit..../?id=177990278
  17. 5 games for 80% off at GOG: http://www.gog.com/high5. Includes Amnesia, Penumbra, Miasmata and many (well, 22) others I've never heard of.

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      EDIT: above link is borked - delete the full-stop after 'high5' and it'll work.

  18. It would be good to have an option to skip or fast-forward through those animations, but I don't mind them too much. My personal pet peeve is the way, after discovering/examining/synthesising anything, the character nearly always drags his journal out and taps an entry which says "I discovered a grey fungus" (or whatever).In my mind it's like a precocious 7-year-old showing his work to teacher - "I did research on grey fungus. I am REAWWY REAWWY CWEVVER." I mean, just drop the 'I'. "Did research on grey fungus". Or even "Researched grey fungus". Much more elegant. But no...harumph...anyways... Still a great game, but definitely not for everyone.
  19. Actually, just realised something - Miasmata reminded me of my very first experiences of playing Thief, before I learned how much leeway the game would give me and all the things I could do to escape. That constant dread that the slightest mistake could bring everything crashing down on my head, and I wouldn't be able to super-power my way out of it. And yeah, that panicky feeling I'd get when I'd been so caught up in exploring/triangulating and suddenly realise it was later than I thought, night was coming in and I wasn't sure how to get back to the nearest camp...most of the time, if I just took a breath, checked my map and got my bearings, I'd be fine...but it's so easy to get lost on that island...it's hard not to panic...and then your heart starts pounding in your ears... EDIT: Steam sale is now over, which is a shame as I was about to flag it up over at TTLG. Maybe next time.
  20. @Lux - I think it was a post you made that brought it to my attention, so thanks for that! @ Diego - yeah, if the reviews don't really tweak your interest, it may not be your thing. It is a bit of what we Brits call a 'Marmite' game, i.e. you either love it or hate it (or both, according to one of the reviews above). But then again, for £4... An amendment to my OP - mostly, there is no HUD; however, there is a completely optional 'power-up' (for want of a better word) you can obtain which allows you to sense (via a HUD) when the one enemy you have on the island is near, and even then you have to crouch to activate it. Otherwise, a couple more comments: 1. The weather effects in the game are often quite stunning. There were moments when I'd be merrily/nervously exploring the island when it would suddenly go dark. If I hadn't checked my watch recently*, my first reaction would be "Argh - night's coming in!" (You really don't want to be outside when it gets dark if you have the choice.) But what would then sometimes happen is - it would start raining. It sounds like such a small thing but it was details like that made it such an immersive environment. And the sunsets are frequently amazingly beautiful. *One of the great things about Miasmata is the way it invests normally banal actions with immense significance. You'll be checking your watch. A lot. 2. It's one of the most uniquely terrifying gaming experiences I've ever had. Not the grindingly oppressive dread of, say, Amnesia or Shalebridge Cradle; it's more a beautiful, dreamy terror. If you like the character vulnerability aspect of Thief, well, I'd say Miasmata cranks that vulnerability up several notches. Apart from the ever-present threat of attack from The Creature (which you can't fight or kill), you can actually die from just falling down a slope.
  21. simplen00b


    Just wanted to flag up a game called Miasmata that's on sale on Steam at the moment. Reasons you may like it: 1. Ultra indie - all of it built by two brothers, including building their own game engine from scratch. 2. No HUD, objective markers or pretty much any other hand-holding. 3. Totally open world. You can get anywhere on the island that you want (but not necessarily by the most direct route). 4. Story built up by readables that you find scattered around. Main problem is that you need a pretty powerful computer to play it (it won't run at all on my Intel HD integrated graphics laptop). Also, it's not bug-free and some of the gameplay design isn't perfect - I did start getting a bit fed-up toward the end, but frankly, it was worth it for the first 75% of the game. For the first 20-odd hours of gameplay this was the most immersive gaming experience I've had since Thief. If you liked Dear Esther, I'd say this is a must-buy. Some reviews that may help: http://videogamepotp...f-miasmata.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxCQ-X_t1WE http://www.gamingliv...-hate-miasmata/
  22. Just a heads-up - GOG has currently got this on a weekend sale for $4.99: http://www.gog.com/g...ster_than_light
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