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Found 8 results

  1. When I passed first mission in Thief Gold I have both ave to how team recreate middle age in video game, but also some pet peeves. Mostly with paintings being mix and match of different styles and technology, which I do not blame TTLG for that, sometimes stuff should be made not how they look like, but how we want to see them. For The Dark Mod, I cant tell 'problems' like that in general, since every mission is individual and made with passion from fans to fans. Of course The Dark Mod and Thief series took place in own universe and its mix of eras and technology, but why not daydreaming abou
  2. I've been wanting to post this topic for many months now. It's a continuation to ideas I posted a while back, regarding my wish to create a total conversion for TDM, adding a cyberpunk theme alongside the original steampunk world. The reason for making a new thread is that I have a plan laid out by now, but will need help from the community with it. I wish to know how many people would be willing to help out, so that I may know whether I should start laying out the foundation of this project. I will explain exactly what I plan to do in the form of a FAQ below, so that I can easily cover every
  3. https://i.imgur.com/CnGdhOd.gif Dark Mod environs could use more grafitti. Ancient/Midieval times had plenty. What's the hold up?
  4. I don't wanna sound lazy or spoiled by asking this question: I enjoy mapping, and DarkRadiant helps in not making the process all that hard! At the same time though, it is a lengthy and straining process, so I figure knowing this wouldn't hurt either. After all, scripts and prefabs and other contributions are shared throughout the community, so why not map chunks? But yeah: My question was whether any TDM contributors also publish any complete large structures for other mappers to use. By this I mean full buildings (with interiors), playable base landscapes, maybe even whole towns! I'm think
  5. Hey there, guys. I'm currently trying to finish up my map, and the last thing I need to do is decorate my 3D skybox to look like a convincing forest. Since I had prior experience using these in the Hammer editor, I didn't think that what was available to use for this feature would be radically different in Radiant. The biggest issue I'm running into right now is a lack of models that are intended for use in the 3D skybox, trees being the most pressing need. I just wanted to double-check: are there any models made for this purpose that I'm not seeing in the directory? And if not, has anyone
  6. Found this on "Cultura inquita". For me one of the most fascinating videos. Wouldn`t this style be perfect for some TDM-campaign-cutscenes ? watch the whole thing. Second half is kind of spooky. http://culturainquie...-l-l-e-z-a.html What do u say S.H. ?
  7. I am a sucker for beautiful 2d computer graphics and that is the sole reason why I occasionally read a comic. (Yes, I am actually a little ashamed to admit that ) Recently I was wondering whether this level of quality can also be met in animated movies or TV-shows, so I did some research. I watched some episodes of "Legend of Korra" and the movie Animatrix. Both had some really cool artworks occasionally, but I would like more. Does anyone of you have any recommendations? I am open to almost anything really... I should mention that Legend of Korra basically boils down to a kids'-show, but i
  8. Hi taffers, My spare time is pretty limited yet think I can help with background illustrations, concepts and stuff like that. Sorry, I'm not very good nor have the time for textures or interface design. Here are some of my Thief related artworks:
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