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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have a question about carrying bodies in TDM, specifically related to objectives. Is it possible to fire an entity-at-location objective while the player is carrying the entity (body)? Currently, the player must drop the entity at the info_location info_tdm_objective_location to fire the objective. The logic I can think of so far: - Script that checks to see if player is carrying body. - Conditional hidden objective controlled by script (is player carrying body?) - Info_location objective enabled by the is player carrying body objective. - An additional objective in the case the player drops the body into the obj location. (maybe this isn't necessary?) Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. Hi guys. I’m looking at some tracker issues in the hope of providing some useful patches to grayman and greebo. For this one I could do with advice from mappers who've used objectives in plenty of ways I've never thought of! Should a target_setobjective_amount give the mapper any control other than the new "amount" requirement? The other objective-affecting targets (addobjectives, setobjective_state, setobjective_visibility, setobjective_component_state) don't have extra spawnargs to let the mapper control whether there's a HUD message or anything else. The one exception is setobjective_state which lets you add an "unlatch_irreversible_objectives" spawnarg so you can choose whether to undo irreversible objectives. Would a target_setobjective_amount need any? I guess "unlatch_irreversible_objectives" is relevant to this one too, as the default behaviour should probably be: undo a completed objective if the required amount gets raised above what the player has achieved, except if it's an irreversible objective. The lazy way to go about this kind of thing is to add a dozen spawnargs/options so every mapper has to look them up and answer the questions for themselves, but it'd be better to take the cue from the existing targets and implement just the most useful behaviour instead. Any thoughts on how it should work?
  3. Problem: When my friend tries to test my map, it doesn't show objectives, briefing or shop, at mission start. It works 100% on my computer, and I've checked the files from the .rar I sent him. They are all put in the correct folders. He's tried uninstalling and re-installing the mission, but to no luck. I'm baffled. Does anyone have any idea, as to what's causing this bug?
  4. This may be of pretty limited helpfulness, but just wanted to say I'm happy to do any proofreading of readables, objectives, mission briefings etc of any WIP if it's any help. (Double-double-triple-checks above to make sure there are no mistakes in it.)
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