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Found 7 results

  1. So I was reading the DarkRadiant Script Reference and it gives an example to move the cameraview by setting coordinates: import darkradiant as dr camview = GlobalCameraManager.getActiveView() camview.setCameraOrigin(dr.Vector3(50,0,50)) This works, but then I wanted to use the tdm position coordinates that you can get by doing getviewpos in the console in tdm. But these coordinates donĀ“t give the same position in DR. Why is that? Is there an other way? Edit: WHOOPS it does actually work. (some layers in the testmap were disabled)
  2. Using DarkRadiant 3.8.0 I don't know how to get this working. Ctrl-F does nothing and it's also not defined as a shortcut in Keyboard shortcuts. What is the name of the feature in the Keyboard shortcut edit screen so I can enable it?
  3. Currently mappers can't edit the objective screen gui. 1. But let's say you create a mission where you don't want any difference in difficulty, or set it in a different way, then I think you should be able to remove the 3 difficulty selections from the objective/dificulty screen. (Edit: Not possible yet, but objectives could be set in mission briefing and then difficulty selection screen can be skipped, See below.) 2. Also, maybe you don't want to list the objectives on an objective screen before mission start. Maybe you want to have a mission briefing, start the mission and after that give the objectives somewhere during the mission. Or maybe you want players to select difficulty inside the mission in some way. In this case there's no need for the objectives screen and you might as well skip this screen. (Edit: Already possible with #define ENABLE_MAINMENU_DIFF_SELECT 0 in mainmenu_custom_defs.gui )
  4. A couple of users have pretty consistent crashes with High Expectations. I have also experienced crashes with Windows on my own machine, but very rarely. I have a debug build of 2.11, but I haven't been able to get it to crash under that yet. I've attached the logs that @irisx has provided, and @DavyJones has the exact same issue. The only thing that stood out to me was in the qconsole.log: The ambient 'snd_tunnels' (underground_forelone_loop_z) for location 'location_tunnels' is now playing. Getting threadname failed, reason: No such file or directory (2) --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- @irisx did you say you also have some trace file? Do any other Linux users have this problem (or not)? The issue seems to occur about 1.5 seconds after the FM starts, or as soon as you start to provide input (move the mouse or start walking, etc). qconsole.log Darkmod.log
  5. So if I disabled V-sync and set Uncap fps on I still only get a max fps of 60 in game. How can I get higher fps?
  6. Hey there, I was just trying to implement some EFX presets into my mission update to make it ready for the current feature set. I love the system of EFX / OpenAI. However I tried many of the available presets (room types and room sizes) but almost always the echo is too strong. It seems that big rooms just have a loud echo and a longer delay and small room presets have a loud echo and a shorter delay. However my problem is the echo loudness. Did somebody find out if there presets with a decent echo? I also read in a thread from Peter Spy that you're able to edit the current presets in a text file. However I'm not sure where to do that. If there's no subtle echo presets, I would be happy if someone could point me into the right direction. Thank you in advance for any help
  7. ***SOLVED*** See Steps Quoted in bottom post Hi, I am running Linux Mint 17.1, MATE desktop and compiz. My system (64 bit) has onboard Intel HD3000 video chip. I used the updater downloaded from the site to install the darkmod updater into a darkmod folder in home as per the instructions. I checked and my system does have the ia32-lib installed. The install seemed to go without hitch, on running the updater, files just began appearing in my darkmnod folder. However, when I try to start TDM by doubleclicking thedarkmod.x86, I hear the sounds and can hear my mouse scrolling over options and the music is playing fine. But the whole screen is black and I had to to a hard shutdown to get out. I have searched around, but only see suggestions of changing a doom config file (which I don't have with this standalone version) I also saw some mention of various screen resolutions. I am running on a laptop with a secondary monitor (laptop is closed and the laptop screen is disabled) set at 1920x1080 via VGA (HDMI port is toast) Is there something I am missing? Maybe a setting in the Darkmod.cfg file? Is there a way to get out of TDM without a hard shutdown? Some keystroke, as I try different things to see if I can get this working for my system? Here is what is in my log file, I don't see any errors: Thanks for any clues or tips!
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