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Found 3 results

  1. So here's a neat trick I would really like to be able to take advantage of in my Venice map. Take a look at the first part of this video by SimCity, then if you want to learn how it's done, check the 2nd link, where the scientist who invented the idea explains how to do it, and links you to his paper on the top to show you how to do it. [forgot how to embed video in here lmao] hint please https://youtu.be/_x88tvkAGuo?t=64 https://80.lv/articles/interior-mapping-rendering-real-rooms-without-geometry/ Here is the PDF of his Scientific Paper he wrote explaining in
  2. While working on my translucent glass material, I suddenly noticed the same stripes and artifacts Kingsal has in his Volta 2 mission for all the water materials. They weren't there before, but it looks like I had in-game anti-aliasing set to x2. When I turned it off, the artifacts appeared. To test this, I launched Volta 2 with in-game AA x2, and the artifacts were gone. It seems like there's connection between in- game AA and refraction. I have no idea about engine programming, but isn't it something about engine precision? Maybe similar stuff to BSP holes and lower dmapping precision than
  3. Hello there. I started playing with TDM yesterday evening and after viewing the tutorial mission and playing through Tears of Lucia, I've got to say I'm rather impressed. I won't go into any sort of glowing praise for the game here (though you guys do deserve it), but I did want to point out that I've experienced an issue on my setup in regards to the way torches, water, and other reflective surfaces (such as health potion vials) appear in the game. I'm assuming the issue is mostly on my end, but regardless here's what I'm seeing with torches while playing: With water: All of thi
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