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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, everyone! In this multi-part, comprehensive tutorial I will introduce you to a new light type that has been available in The Dark Mod since version 2.06, what it does, why you would want to use it and how to implement it in your Fan Missions. This tutorial is aimed at the intermediate mapper. Explanations of how to use DarkRadiant, write material files, etc. are outside of its scope. I will, however, aim to be thorough and explain the relevant concepts comprehensively. Let us begin by delineating the sections of the tutorial: Part 1 will walk you through four, distinct ways to add a
  2. With TDM 2.06 mappers and players can use OpenAL EFX system, which is basically an open-source software replacement for systems like EAX, which, at the time, was available only for dedicated hardware by Creative. This allows us to set reverb definitions for rooms, and in my opinion, it's a game-changer for TDM FMs. If you ever played old Thief games with EAX-enabled hardware, you know what I mean. Otherwise, try playing Kingsal's Volta and the Stone with EFX On and Off to see the difference. It's a new life for game environments. The EAX reference page in the Wiki can be quite intimidating
  3. This tutorial will cover the basics of preparing good textures for your custom materials. Youll get to know how individual textures work in TDM, and how to make them react to light in consistent, controllable way. Ill be using simple opaque materials for most examples. Once you develop decent basic workflow, it's easier to work with transparencies, glow, cubemaps, and other more complex materials. Part 0: Basic premise TDM engine (idTech 4) uses non-PBR workflow. This means that there isn't one correct way of making textures for your materials, they won't be physically correct. In pre-PBR ga
  4. I'd be really interested to see any video tutorials where an experienced mapper takes us through say constructing a simple house but with lots of tips and tricks thrown in. If anybody has seen the sort of tutorials on videocopilot.net then you'll know what i'm talking about. Something for us who are new to mapping but are hungry to get doing more - quickly. I'd be really interested to see peoples approach's, what they do first, how they add detail what useful shortcuts and tips they use. I've just started mapping and there's sooo much to know, unless you're happy with square blocks everywh
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