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Found 6 results

  1. Summary Greetings dear friends! To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of my FM, I have published a (hopefully) worthy update to it. Version 2 of my FM called "Sneak & Destroy" uses many new features that have been added to TDM over the years, fixes numerous bugs that were overlooked at the time, but the FM still remains true to the original one. So if you had problems playing this FM lately, if you never played this FM or if you wish to revisit a tiny but lovely part of the TDM history, this update is for you! Download the latest version via the in-game downloader and celebrate the past 10 years with me together! Improvements Visual improvements to city area and interior rooms Enriched the scenes with additional audio Fixed critical bugs that were introduced as TDM was updated Added triggered Conversations for NPCs Added EFX support to all areas Changed multiple aspects of the map in terms of better gameplay and progression Corrected and inserted new writings in books and notes Reduced amount of loot necessary to end mission Added lantern and looking glass to inventory Made use of new particle effects to enhance visual quality Screenshots Credits Thanks go to: bikerdude for being on call to bugfix and improve the map with me Dragofer for pushing ideas for scripting things jysk, Baal & datiswous for finding even the tiniest bugs Springheel for reintroducing me to DR after almost 10 years with his tutorials Greebo for working on the newest tools to update my rusty FM Grayman – I hope I made you a little bit proud Have fun! SeriousToni - 12.04.2012 - 17.11.2022
  2. Some time ago I started investigation for a better differential update algorithm. The first attempt was known as time-travelling tdmupdate (also "tdmsync"). The second attempt has been much more cumbersome, but I think it has reached some usable state. Here is the new tdm_installer: Windows (32-bit) Linux 64-bit Linux 32-bit Note that it is not a finished application yet: it has some important features missing, probably bugs also. If your TDM installation is important to you, better copy it before running the installer on it. Please read the comments below to know how to workaround some issues. If you select "Get custom version" check, then you will be able to choose which version to install. Notice that it includes the very first dev build of TDM (with manbeast changes and the new experimental rendering backend). Needless to say, development builds of TDM come unsupported: they are very likely to contain bugs. They are not intended for normal playing. We would be happy if you report bugs for recent dev builds of course, but won't mind if you wait until next beta phase. Obviously, old versions of TDM won't get any fixes Some known tdm_installer problems: 1) Installs/updates cannot be canceled/interrupted properly yet. If you click on "START" button, there is no turning back except for killing the process in task manager. 2) It is strongly recommended to always enable "Force scan" check on the first page. It will spend some time, but will save you from error at the end of installation procedure. Normally, you don't need to scan if you did not modify your installation after previous install. But it's better to be safe yet. 3) The installer does not unpack zips yet. So after install you will have to unpack everything from tdm_shared_stuff.zip manually. 4) As of now, the installer downloads data from the main TDM server. It is rather slow, so think twice before running it in empty directory. Instead of clean install, better copy all tdm_****.pk4 files from any existing installation into a new directory and run updater there. Note that you can see how much data is going to be downloaded on the page with "START" button.
  3. hello .i ved try to update from 2.0 but it s stops sayn cannot find mirrors .
  4. I have version 2.0 and It keeps trying to download TDM_update_2.00_to_2.01.zip, then restarting the download again once it finishes (29.3mb over and over again with a average download speed of 200kbps, there is no zip file in the darkmod folder apart from with with 2 underscores before its name and 0 bytes big). I've waited patiently but every download mirror it tries downloading from does the same thing, downloading keeps restarting but gives no zip file and just starts restarts the download for the next mirror in a continuous loop. Its already bad enough that I need the whole Darkmod installation folder with me to the internet cafe just to download a measly patch, but this is bizarre. I tried copypasting the download link from the logfile into the browser, which worked but honestly that took longer than it needed for me to figure out the updater isn't doing its job. But then.. ugh again an issue. I extracted the patch from the zip, 2.00 to 2.01, overwriting.. but now its saying my version is "no exact match" and trying to download the zip again :/ I put the zip file in the darkmod folder so I would think that the updater would notice that the update package zip is already there and shouldn't be downloaded, no luck still tries to download it regardless. This is ridiculous, doesn't matter what way I do it, it still won't allow me to get the next 2 updates. I tried downloading the updater manually from the website: http://www.thedarkmod.com/download-the-mod/ Same issue. My system is XP SP3, same as I've always had for TDM.
  5. Tdm_update is crashing as soon as the main download is getting ready to start. I imagine this has happened before, but I searched for an answer but didn't find it. If there is an answer, it should go in the TDM_Update wiki page, also maybe the Troubleshooting part of the Installing page. I'm updating from 2.01 to 2.03, and it's crashing on the 2.01 to 2.02 part, the log is saying at the time it wants to delete stlucia.pk4. Ideas on what I can do? Here's a screenshot of the crash for what it's worth. http://postimg.org/image/h0bfhwed7/
  6. Greetings! I can't update to 2.01 for some reason - running tdm_update.exe (even as administrator) does absolutely nothing. It doesn't even open. TDM 2.0 was downloaded with torrent as I remember if this matters. Have downloaded latest updater from website and still it does the same: After double-clicking the tdm_update.com cursor "thinks" for second and nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated..
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