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Found 4 results

  1. https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5068 Sometimes, when going underwater, the shader responsible for blurring the view will shrink the image to roughly 1/4 of the screen (1/2 both horizontally and vertically) and position it in the lower-left corner, while leaving a jumble of textures to display in the background. This only seems to happen on rare occasions; My latest test suggest it occurs if the player has taken any damage and the health bar is showing up on the HUD. I'm running TDM 2.07 x64 on Linux (openSUSE Tumbleweed) with the free video drivers (amdgpu).
  2. I would have liked to post this in the thread that had the upgraded shader that was created for windows where the water is running down the windows. Its likely? that we could use the window running water on roofs to get this effect but it would have to be scaled up. In Thief there is a shader with water sheeting down the roofs. It almost looks "veiny" and a bit like honeycomb in places because of the eddies flowing together from the sheeting action of water down the roofs. There are actually 2 different shaders going on here so I tried to highlight the water streams at the edges of the water sheets and the obvious direction of flow down the roof to make it more clear what the shader is. The water droplet impacts/ripples (circular) are the shader so disregard that effect in these shots. If you look closely you can see the ridges of water running down the roof. It could also be used in sewers where there are run-off concrete/brick slanted angles that water is cascading down. Its a shame there was really only one Thief mission, "Lockdown" with rain in it like this as the effect is really cool. Could one of the shader gurus here create something like this for TDM?
  3. Hello, just began my experience with this amazing piece of software and i cant understand if this is the way the water is supposed to be: ok, the white linear stains i suppose to come from the mapper, they should look like waves or sea foam and they give sort of life to the water, nice, but I refer to the whole aspect of water. Is the same in all the maps I saw and I cant understand if there should be at least some sort of ambient reflection in the water and may be also sky... I cant find high-res screenshot to understand. Also: there is a strange wobbly contour on the blackjack and also on the pole but they are really close to the camera not nearby the water... Is thisa bug? or it's my grafic card? I have a geforce gt640. Thanks everybody! anyway.
  4. Hello there. I started playing with TDM yesterday evening and after viewing the tutorial mission and playing through Tears of Lucia, I've got to say I'm rather impressed. I won't go into any sort of glowing praise for the game here (though you guys do deserve it), but I did want to point out that I've experienced an issue on my setup in regards to the way torches, water, and other reflective surfaces (such as health potion vials) appear in the game. I'm assuming the issue is mostly on my end, but regardless here's what I'm seeing with torches while playing: With water: All of this appears to be some re-rendering of the player's view on top of the particles or surfaces involved, but they're being displayed incorrectly on my setup (thought thankfully this is the only bug I've encountered so far). If this is an effect that could have a configuration setting tied to it to toggle it on and off, that would be fine for me and anybody else who may be having this problem. Otherwise, hopefully this feedback is somewhat helpful, even if it is an uncommon bug. I've enjoyed the game tremendously so far, and I hope that making it standalone at its current state draws a lot of attention. Goodness knows the hardcore stealth genre could use a bit more attention. My computer stats are: -Macbook Pro -Nvidia GeForce GT 650M -16 GB RAM -500 GB SSD I'm running TDM through a Parallel's Windows 7 virtual machine that routes jobs to the graphics processor quite quickly from what I can tell, so performance isn't much of an issue here in light of the goofy configuration.
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