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I've spent the last few days searching the net for Doom 3 editing tutorials.


Whilst there's a plethora of mapping video tuts, which were extremely helpful, I failed to find any weapon modelling/editing tutorials. Character production (in Max) and implementation tuts were equally lacking.


I decided to ask for help on this board because I'm very impressed with the work that you're all doing and am hoping that you might be able to pass some wisdom on to me. ^_^


So how about it? Any aid for a wannabe modder? ;)

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For moddeling tuts you might wanna hit up a site like www.buzz3d.com or hitting up the www.doom3world.com boards and seeing what everyone has to say about it there.


I've learned most of the stuff I know about D3 from the Doom3world boards..they're great, and they usually post quick responses to your questions.

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Thanks for the quick reply. ;)


I must've been unclear. I've been modelling in Max for a little while now, honing my skills and all. I just have no clue how to export characters and weapons and implement them in the game. I found a video tut telling me how to place static meshes made in Max into the game, so I'm a third of the way to my goal.

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There are tutorials on doom3world.org on how to get your own weapons into Doom3.


That is in the resource thread. If you don't have access there, Ive pasted my post here;



Just scroll down (past the useless Video tutorials section) down to the TXT/HTML tutorials section. There, they are all categorised, into Scripting, Mapping, Lighting, In-game models, etc.

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if you really want to learn modelling, you dont have to limit yourself to doom3, look for 3d specialized pages. i suggest www.3dtotal.com lots of great tutorials :) then you can go to these more doom3 driven to see how you can make the models ingame

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