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Archlinux is now unsupported, do you want to help?


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Hi everyone,

I maintained the dark mod and the darkradiant package for archlinux for quite some time.

Unfortunately I do not have time or will to patch the dark mod to make it work on arch since I do not play anymore and I started working.



Yet, I think TDM is one of the best game project on the Internet. A great example that is possible to make extremely high quality products without direct support of companies.

So I am little sad that Archlinux remains without support, can anyone maintain the packages?



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TDM should still function on Arch as long as you have the needed dependancies installed. I used Arch a few years ago. I did a few custom PKGBUILDs by hand, but when it comes to games, I prefer to just use zips and sub-directories because it is easy to do distro hopping without games getting tangled up with the operating system.

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