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Sound files missing


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A few sound files avaiable in my DarkRadiant give the messsage "file not found" when i try to play them.

(For example in bubbling_cauldron_loop (containing sound/ambient/environmental/bubbling_cauldron.ogg)


Dark Radiant is V. 2.01 x64 (Build Date Nov 15 2014, 04:41:23)


I never doctored around in the files, so I ask myself what I could have done to loose them, or if they are missing for some other reason (An update of Darkmod for example, or any other possible reason).

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That file exists in TDM 2.03.


Are you using TDM 2.03?

Yes, (I used the update function some time ago and the ingame hud says TDM 2.03)

I checked the pk4s too, the file is right there.


So something must be wrong with my installation.

DarkRadiant should / can be in a different folder right? (Its quite long since the installation, I can't remember the instructions, but usually I follow them.)

Maybe best if I try a reinstall or update of DR. Can there be any problems with my DR maps when using 2.02?

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I can reproduce the problem, and my TDM/DR installation otherwise works normally.


I haven't tested this, but it looks as though there's a typo (enviromental) in the sound shader:


	description "created by b1k3rdude"

	maxdistance 6
	mindistance 2
	volume 10

Some things I'm repeatedly thinking about...


- louder scream when you're dying

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Good catch.


I corrected the line for TDM 2.04.


In the meantime, you can create a new sound shader file for your mission ("cauldron.sndshd"), and put it in your mission's "sound" folder.


Edit it, copy/paste the cauldron sound shader, and correct the typo.


Save the file, restart DR, and the sound should work fine.


When you release your mission, if TDM 2.04 hasn't shipped yet, be sure to include your "sound" folder in your mission pk4.

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I am not sure yet I will include this sound, it was just one where I noticed it while working through many sounds to know what is avaiable. I noticed more that were not working, I will provide a list when I get to it, maybe there are more that can be easily fixed. thanks for verifying that VanishedOne.


Now that I know what can be the problem, I might see typos myself.

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I started checking the soundshaders systematically, so far I found a few that were not working:





File is named: "Follow me.ogg" (written large, no underscore)




File is named: "response_negative_1.ogg" (no 0, but underscore instead) [other files there have all the 01; 02 …]




[sound works, but has an echo, as if intended like someone etheral, or someone speaking nearly at the same time]




File is listed twice there.




File is named: "hmm1.ogg" (only 2 m, not 3)




File is named: "hmm1.ogg" (only 2 m, not 3)



Got as far as checking the voices in the folder "Wench" for now (soo many sound files in there) [those above "Wench" I checked too, those seem to be correct. Although the Werebeast is missing entries completly, but I guess thats because there aren't sounds for that entry yet]

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  • 1 year later...

Got the latest version and i'm having the same issue as DeusX. The typo is still in the shader files.


I need that sweet bubbling cauldron sound.


I tried doing what you suggested, grayman, but I can't seem to make it work. Is the name given to the new sound shader file of any importance?

There is something I am not getting. I created a new "bubbling_caulgron.sndshd" file in a "sound" folder directly in my mission folder.

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