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Was looking to make a new elevator and elevator system, using steam or electricity, or a bit of both as its power. Im making it for my future portfolio as well, so it will need to be pretty decent for modern standards, yet fit into the Dark Mod world as well. My questions concern mainly practical design concerns and was looking for some feedback from the community of mappers and programmers.


1Steam or electrical or both: I'd like to make it Steam or electrical based, i think electrical would help "explain" why the elevator moving suddenly in the middle of the night doesn't alert an entire castle as it would be quieter, yet there would certainly be room for a interesting electrical sounds, not just sparks, but for example:

Obviously not quite THAT, but you get the idea there is some room for sound using a pure electrical design. The use of steam would be great just for its sounds, but timed sounds would require programming effort. Steam could also allow me to make some cool pipes that jetted some steam at when starting or stopping.



2 Where: I would like to build the motor for the elevator or part of it within the elevator itself, either near the "back" (can there be a back or are elevators needed to be double sided? or even triple/quadruple sided?) corner or off to one side. Is there any reason it shouldn't be a single entrance elevator -couldn't there easily be two or there variations to handle different needs? IE,


2.5 Another important consideration is that since i am trying to put a small motor in the elevator itself, the gearing that the motor drives would climb up the wall, thus i would like to make some sort of grooved metal tracking going up the walls. What design considerations needed here? Remember, i have only done animating, no level work so im completely new.


3 Railing: If elevators are single entrance only, can i make a small railing around 3 sides? I don't think you'd even need collision for it for single entrance elevators because of how close it could sit next to the wall.


4 Anything cool you'd like to see in it?


5. Are there many programmers left?



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No thoughts? The first question should have been, do any mappers have a desire for a theoretically interesting looking elevator at all?


Also, my assumption is that this would be an optional thing, independent resource, not an overhaul of the existing elevator and system, so please correct me if i am wrong.

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