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  1. But you don't fall and get hurt or make a ton of noise when you fail to open a non-frobable door. Have you ever jumped at a hanging door just to see if you'd go through?
  2. 1: read Melan's Post 2: Why do you assume I'm bitter? I just think it's funny one person calling out another while inconsistencies like this are so obvious. And even calling out a player for not 'knowing' better. Did that player MAKE the mission? How would they know the mapper decided to be inconsistent. Generally I try not to mantle or jump onto everything because IT MAKES NOISE when you fall back to the ground. Should players wander entire map making noise to find that one ivy? Or make death defying leaps HOPING the author made that one ivy grabable so they don't hit the ground, make a ton of noise, lose half their health and have to reload? Am I bitter because I point that out?
  3. tee hee. In the first 10 seconds a major flaw in map design is exposed yet you give Fen crap about it. (tongue in cheek or not) So I try and mantle 2 pillars and can't, so the player should try the 3rd anyway? And the ivy hanging from the ledge is very inconspicuous, the pillars are covered in ivy and cac't be climbs but a thin little strand hanging from a window ledge can be jumped onto?
  4. Amnesia is free on steam right now: they said 'hurry', not sure how long it will be http://store.steampowered.com/app/57300/
  5. I can see that thing chasing you around and snapping so you can't get his treasure I may have to start a mission "Otto's Treasure'
  6. they are looking pretty good but you have smoothing issues. The cucumber, yellow mellow and banana are easy to see. I think you need to give the models a smoothing group, right now it appears there is none, so you see all the faces.
  7. It probably needs to be at 0,0,0. What kind of module is it? If you export as a model and use that instead, then later you can update it and the models you've already placed would change to the upgrade. If you use a prefab the changes wouldn't carry across.
  8. looks great. Found another cool object, really nice scan too. However I noticed something weird with the shadows. I have a really basic shadow mesh and if I use 'shadow' texture I get lines on his face. With shadow 2 I don't but he doesn't cast shadow on stand. I noticed this with the bust too, he gets some weird shading on his face with 'shadow'.
  9. OK, resize is easy. Maybe a small gold bust too. I actually meant to ask what sizes people thought the sphinx would be good at. It's broken (due to the scan not having that part) so it seems more like just a stone statue than a gold one. I tried to change the scale in the .ase file but that doesn't seem to work. @Capela, looks great.
  10. Ok, thanks. Working on this one, good retopo practice, getting faster.
  11. Well when you can't run around on a murderous rampage you've got to find other ways to subjugate.
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