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I'm from Spain and I have some experience translating from English. I'd like to begin with St Lucia's mission, but I have some questions. I have read the topic 'How can I help?' and followed the link http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=I18N , but it is broken.


I have unpacked the mission and found a file named english.lang. It seems to contain all the text of the mission. I guess that I should copy this file to another file named spanish.lang and start translating. But what should I do with the file when I finish? And how can I test my translating?


Is there any problem with international characters? (áéíóúüñÁÉÍÓÚÜÑ¡¿) What codification should I use?


Is there any problem if the translation of a book takes up more pages (or less) than the original text?


Is there any kind of hyphenation implemented?


I have found that specific objects' names -like keys and readables- are in the maps/*.map file, defined under the label 'inv_name'. What about arrows, flashbombs, etc? And how should I define the Spanish version of these names?


Is there any further information I should know?

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