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Uglyed's Application Thread

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UglyEd got in touch with us through BlackThief and I've been conversing with him. He doesn't have time to be a full member but I suggested to him that he could be a part time contributor and that we can tell him what types of textures we need and he can hand them in as he finishes them.


Some samples of Ed's work are on the ftp under the Textures folder in a zip called ED_textures.zip.


Take a look at them and then post here if there are any objections to making Ed a part time contributor.



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Hmm...the diffuse textures are excellent quality, a couple of them could have a more lived-in and used look to em but they're good stuff. The normals could use some work though. I try to avoid using the NV plugin unless I'm doing really small and uneven features like chipped paint and whatnot.


I say let him in to do diffuse textures, but get some more practice doing normals...a bad normal can make even the best diffuses look a little below par.

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