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New Blackjack Sounds

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I have completed working on new sound effects for the blackjack sheath and un-sheath...



Files can be found on Moddb:



Or you can download them directly from drive:



As for installing(using) them, I just replaced the "blackjack_sheath.ogg" and "blackjack_unsheath.ogg" files, found in "darkmod/tdm_sound_sfx01.pk4/sound/sfx/tools/melee/"

Anyone with easier ways of using them/better instructions is welcome to share them or modify the files to make it work...



Input/Correction/Criticism is welcome

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I like that they're a bit more subtle and sound crisp enough. I'm not enough of a pro to evaluate whether there might be sound issues or not, so I'll leave that aspect be.


Even if they don't replace the current sound effects, I suppose people could use them as an alternative sound pack for the blackjack, on an individual basis.

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Listening to them and hearing them over and over again you begin to notice things that you don't notice upon first listen.


I think it's the right idea, but it seems overly loud and there is too much high-end of the sound. Go back and listen to Thief 2 and listen to the sounds of the sheathing (snds.crf/sfx/bj_begin.wav) and unsheathing (snds.crf/bj_end.wav) of the blackjack and you'll hear what I mean. It almost sounds like the Looking Glass team simply slid a microphone through a sock of some sort. It just sounds like dragging an item through cloth, and that's what makes it more realistic. Plus it doesn't sound so "sharp" and isn't as distracting when heard repeatedly and within the context of the game. Especially during the quiet moments!


I can't remember what the blackjack sounds for TDM sound like now. I'll have to go back and give a listen...

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