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For inspiration - google maps 3d generated locations

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As you may know, at the website google maps you can look at the world map.
And has nice features, like viewing the streets in 360 streets & pictures using google street view-feature.
A time now, there is a feature you can zoom in on some locations and
get a 3d generated environment of the selected location.
(note that some locations are only 3d generated)
This topic is meant to show people some nice 3d generated locations,
to get inspired for your beloved game.

Do you know some nice 3d generated locations?


  1. open your webbrowser (preferably google chrome for this instruction),
  2. go to maps.google.com.
  3. hit the satelite-button on the left bottom of the screen. (and then on the right bottom side, the "3d" icon should appear)
  4. search for a location (for this working example: netherlands - amsterdam)
  5. and then slowely zoom in using the scrollbutton of the mouse.
  6. Wait some seconds to load the 3d objects. and move the camera.

To share the location, copy the url.

(camera zoom in and out = scroll mouse)
(rotate: hold ctrl-button + leftmouse button, move mouse)


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Belgium -
city "brugge" (dutch translated. "Bridges")
- brugge City square (partially 3d generated)
- brugge medival city canal buildings

Belgium - Antwerpen
- cityhall (very nice building and in front a weekly marketplace)

Belgium - Gent
Korenmarkt (dutch translated "corn market") (a river flows trough city square)

Netherlands - Zwolle
During Bikerdude's visit in my country (with me as guide),
I showed him:
- Sassenport (transl. Sassengate)
- hof van ittersum (transl. court of ittersum):
- Grote kerk (transl. big church)
- De peperbus (transl. the pepper pot)
(he also made some topic about zwolle and the rest of the tour: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/19554-tdm-inspiration-deventer)

The Netherlands - City "Utrecht",
-church tower "dom toren"

France -
Mont Saint-Michel (cathedral on a island)

City Luzern (bridge over river, citybuildings, swizz mountains)

Video's of brugge in the spoiler




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Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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