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  1. This type of questions should be asked in our tech support forum. I will add this solution in the wiki.
  2. If someone knows a developer who would like to help, please let the team know. I have updated the Mac OS part of the TDM installation wiki-article.
  3. As a Mac (and multi-) OS user, i just want to mention that did my part of the contribution to the mac part of TDM (and other os'ses): I dont program stuff on mac os, but for TDM I "scripted" TDM binary 2.05 installer-package & dmg, wine-containers, playonmac-script, publisched sourcecode and documented & written that whole TDM-wiki article the TS mentioned. But its isn't picked up or officially supported by the TDM team or others. That is a shame, when you know the solutions above are used by other players on mac os. and we got vm's that run mac os, to develop it. Another solution for TS problem is to search someone in the mac community, who would like to build one executable that can launch TDM (and future versions). Why not someone of the DR-developers? (the one who created that 2.8.0 app?) @duzenko @greebo do you know the persion who created that app and can help us?
  4. mee too, but this mac os user is not a windows user. you dont want to run tdm on a vm. To me (and other TDM players on mac os) the easiest and preferred way to run TDM on a mac, is running the Windows version of TDM on WINE on Mac OS. (playonmac is a frontend for this) This because there are people who dont want/unexperienced to create a recent/universal-version mac os TDM binary for it.
  5. dont know howto solve it. but you dont want to run an old version of TDM. the easiest method to run recent versions of TDM on mac os, is run the TDM Windows version using Playonmac on mac os. see following posts for instructions:
  6. or add the tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4 in the loaded mission folder. (for example darkmod\fms\training_mission\tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4)
  7. And if you have missed the stream, you can watch it again on aluminumhaste twitch recordings
  8. You cant download the missions, because your darkmod folder is not writeable. To solve this, to do is on, Windows: Set the write permissions on the Darkmod folder, yourself using these Instructions. Set the write permissions on the Darkmod folder, automatically using Freyks TDM installer. (During installation, point the installer to your existing darkmod folder and install.) (this installer will give you also shortcuts, uninstaller, etc.) Or move the Darkmod folder to another location. For example, create a folder in your documents folder, give it the name "games" and move the darkmod folder to it. Linux & mac: see https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation
  9. Just use the binary that stgatilov shared. I tested the AUR in Manjaro KDE. The instalation, updater & tdm binary works fine on that distro. Do we have to contact Diabonas, the maintainer of darkmod-bin, about this error? @stgatilov (contact info is in the aur) -edit- No, because the AUR just downloads the TDM binaries & data from official TDM mirrors. (see installscript of the aur) So that has to be fixed on our side, but you already know/did that.
  10. TDM can run on every location, as long the user has the permissions to execute and write. An other Arch user changed his timezone to solve the same symptoms, apoorv569. There is are AUR's for this game, but which do you installed? And is it possible in arch to download and run the original tdm updater and its binaries, instead of an aur? To give you some other pointers/tips: see https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Linux and if you have any questions please post them in the techsupport forum.
  11. freyk


    You can ask the author of doomcc from his personal site or moddb account. There are files on his moddb page, but it doesnt contain the sourcecode of the dll's. Or you can look at D3 message system and its popups from dhewm sourcecode. You can help stumpy with his project.
  12. freyk


    A more recent topic about this, see https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/18701-subtitles-in-intro
  13. see also our reactions at topic: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/19755-nice-game-development-series-war-stories/
  14. to me, there is always a need for mirrors. But i dont know how you can register your host as a tdm mirror. but you wil find here a manual to create a tdm mirror: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Hosting_The_Dark_Mod
  15. You can take a virtual 360-tour trough the weigh house at Deventer, the netherlands. (in dutch) Its now a museum with lots of stuff, from the time where tdm take place. In the tour, the museum is second world war themed. But you can look around and zoom-in at the walls, floor, windows, etc. (you can also take a look at my city center, using google streetview)
  16. freyk

    Breakable Glass

    Use the search function, to see what we think about it: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/search/&q="Breakable Glass"
  17. correction myself: needed > need. That can i better ask you. (or i have to look up myself on the forums)
  18. You dont know it? that is OpenAl. That we needed to install for 3D Audio on TDM (also in 2.0.8). -> I will change the label in the installer. Ok, i program the installer to download VC++ for older versions. Does the (new) user need to install other software to run TDM 2.0.8?
  19. As you know, im working on installation programs to install TDM on several os'ses. My goal is to create installers, so everybody can install TDM on their system, without any problems (and avoiding beginner problems). (see Graphical installer topic and our download page) In an earlier topic I asked you to test some new features. And the comments i got, i processed in a new version later. (I tried to add userrequests like hardware recruiments detector, moving backupgrounds. but they didnt worked good) During the corona crisis i got more spare time, so i updated the tdm installer for windows, with more features. I added open audio library installer, vc++ installer and TDM version selector. I hope you have the time to test them. And if you have any request please put them in this topic too. ==== Notes - Whats new. version selector, visual studio installer, openal installer. Notes - features doesnt run: The Visual studio packages downloaded, but doesnt start the installation. (because i have to sort out, which versions tdm need) Version selector, doesnt work correctly because i dont have working mirror for 2.0 yet. (if you know a location or want to help, please let me know) The other versions need version 2.0 to work. So to test them, just watch if it downloads the packages. And a message will be displayed when te installer couldnt find a package, like the 2.0 package (takes some second to detect that). Instructions - download: You can download it from my google drive in google drive, select folders: tdm-installer > windows > v03 > tdm_installer-test-versionnumber. ignore google drives and your windows security warnings. (Because i'm not a professional provider/developer and dont have a certificate for the installer.) --- instructions - during installation (use it at your own risk, etc etc) start the installer > intro > license agreement > at the components just hit next. > select a folder to install tdm. (not your own tdm folder) > In the version select, you can select every version in the droplist > install. If you select newest, then the installer creates the tdm folder, settings permissions and download the newest updater. If you select another version, then the installer creates the tdm folder, settings permissions and download the packages you need for the version. After thisIt detects if you have the openal and visual studio packages installed. if downloads the packages. It installs open al, but doesnt install the visual studio package. After the installation an old version of the tdm installer will be started. ==== Thanks.
  20. thievious new name is venture. https://www.moddb.com/mods/venture
  21. thanks for sharing this info. please put it on our wiki (or give us the location on the wiki you want to keep this) for example, in https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Installing_TDM_on_Linux.2C_manually
  22. No, Kew created that. and I "updated" one of his maps by retexturing the map and gave it more thievery ut ambience (by placing thieveryut objects in it, added background music). I love using the unrealeditor. Darkradiant is to me very difficult to use. In Thievery UT i loved to play solo and co-op style and did not like the versus mode. a video of solo play in the spoiler: And made got a bloopers video:
  23. Yes, i loved Thievery UT (never played nightblade) the unreal map I retextured, is still after 17 years there on that site
  24. Following that twitter feed from Jason McCord, micheal kalas answered that they use DR. @OrbWeaver what is your opinion about this?
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