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  1. Having seen the new scifi stuff from bladeghost/scythwraith, want to continue the cyberpunk project. Only one problem, can't map.

    1. demagogue


      Other people can map. The important part is the assets, scripts, & gameplay.

  2. Just want to mention some "old", but nice, stuff on internet archive. Are there any other things on this site, that you want us to see? Play old games in your browser: ms dos https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games Amiga https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_amiga?tab=collection Arcade: https://archive.org/details/internetarcade Nice stuff, like documents and files (especially the objects that are marked with a green floppy disk-icon ) https://archive.org/search.php?query=thief https://archive.org/search.php?query=doom 3
  3. You forgot wine, where proton is based of. People, at the IT-company where i work for, have already installed the insiders version on their systems. They and I are not complaining. You try it yourself by: downloading a iso of a windows 11 insiders version (at several locations) and test it on a vm, (which what i did) Or running on a free VM in azure (for an hour).
  4. Why not? its got a dump of the wiki, from 2015, already.
  5. And internet archive? If you can create a free account at a hostservice, just spam TDM.
  6. True, but for those hosts need a legal person, which we do not have. If i understand the faq and policies of nexus mods, we do not need that. And yes we got our own distribution, but distributing files on nexus mod (and other platforms) is just for balancing and exposure. So to the more popular hosts we upload TDM, the merrier. About publishing "mods", for starters register TDM as game and then upload stuff, for example, missions, the installer and all the things that is on moddb. And for the permissions of the author of the mod, refer to the forum, etc.
  7. How about adding TDM to nexus mods, for more exposure? Info: https://help.nexusmods.com/article/104-how-can-i-add-a-new-game-to-nexus-mods
  8. Read the following topic about that: I think the player uses "backpack 2000" from outcast, like more games:
  9. I am in doubt, because i have never seen this in the thief series. But at a moment when you need arrows, when there are nothing around, this would be a nice feature. Like, smashing up a wooden chair for long wooden splinters and carving coins for arrowheads, to combine this for arrows, would be realistic.
  10. Sounds like the recurring file permission problem. Solve this by setting some write permissions on the tdm gamefolder. This by adding yourself to, a by zorin specified, usergroup. (See group owner of the tdm game folder) (edit: checked it. thats usergroup root for their games. So, use the following point) Or setting the write permission yourself (Use commands like "chmod" and "chown" and some pointers in tdm wiki article: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Linux (Note: article points to the updater, but use the tdm installer. You dont have to use it, to solve this filesystem permission problem. but it is easier, see following point) Or redownload (or move) the game files to a folder in your homefolder, by downloading/placing/running the tdm installer in a folder inside your homefolder. (For instructions, see https://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads/) How did you install the game?
  11. A nice feature, but i dont see myself making noise/screaming to my own system, for a singleplayer game.
  12. And is possible you used the same password at another site, where it is known that its useraccount storage database is leaked. Following a review of chrome password manager, the password are stored encrypted in a plain text database-file. Chrome "calculate" this password and can compare this with leaked calculated passwords. (that is happened) So change your passwords frequently. dont use a online/synced password manager from somebody else, etc etc,..
  13. About that mini map in the hud, here is how the compass minimap in the hud works, in "stealthy" commandos first strike. I still prefer the sea of thieves method.
  14. Reading and using a map is a skill we all needed to learn, when we played/playing these games. (And i.r.l a very usefull skill too) Personaly, i dont want/need a realtime marker on a map, or overlaying navigational screen items in this game. That is for other games.
  15. But you need to edit the players handmovements for it. If you know somebody who can do this, that would be nice. How it now works, showing a map, works fine. Maybe a bit of tweaking some things for more immersion, like Display the map smaller and not use almost the whole screen. and display the image of the map, not as a static image (like the inventory), but display / use the map like a readable object. Because it moves with the player. (demo: in a mission read a book/paper and move around)
  16. I prefer also minimap, but not in that style. (To me, that style is not immersive) More a map, that the player holds in his hands. Like holding a treasure map, in sea of thieves. Holding the compass like that way, would also be nice. Example:
  17. Ask that to the owner of that mirror. Use an other filemirror. Or download the whole package other locations, like moddb. Or help us, by sharing/creating a own filemirror: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Hosting_The_Dark_Mod For more techrelated questions post them in our tech support subforum.
  18. While we waiting, how about converting the vocals from Zaya from T2X to TDM, as mentioned ealier? (license about zaya: "Distribution of Thief2X: Shadows of the Metal Age is encouraged so long as the mod remains free and intact." and "You may not include any Thief2X resources in any fan mission package") (file info about zaya: Sound files located in "\t2x\snd\zaya". total 5 mb. wav files needs to be converted to ogg. Maybe change filenames. )
  19. And that is what i did. I have chosen the sounds from the maiden, because it matched most with the male player sounds. I replaced audiofile location references in "tdm_player.sndshd" and attachted the result to this forumpost. For a example and to get a feel for it for the temporary alternative, download the attached pk4 and place it inside a missionfolder. Install a mission (for example: trainings mission) place this pk4 inside that mission folder (for example fms/training_mission) play the mission. Notes: you notice the changes when the player is in pain. most sounds that player makes, are non-gender. so i dont changed that. And because the maiden doesnt have many action sounds, the same sounds are used for other actions. tdm_sound_vocals_player_female.pk4
  20. See subforums: darkradiant feedback and development https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/forum/51-darkradiant-feedback-and-development/ and TDM editors guild. https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/forum/54-tdm-editors-guild/
  21. Here a some video's from the province Overijssel in the Netherlands. Where i live and coming from. A nice video from "the Duth Venice" in the Netherlands, Giethoorn. No medieval mansions here, only typical dutch farm houses and wooden bridges next to small canals. "Castle Twickel", a small mansion. Palace "Het loo", near the border of the province. inside the palace:
  22. To tell you all the truth, i am still figuring out how i managed this, during work. On my own system it, works not quite right yet. So have to test it a little more. For now, i got the fms folder outside the tdm folder (and qconsole and other files are written to it). Using config lines: === seta logFile "1" set fs_debug "1" set fs_devpath "c:\temp\darkmod" set fs_savepath "c:\temp\darkmod" set fs_modSavePath "C:\temp\darkmod/fms" === but appdata-variable trick dont work on my system. And the mission loader dont see the installed missions, but following console messages, it sees the amount of missions. (Permissions?) p.s Please move this topic to techsupport.
  23. Using appdata as folder for the fm and saves, the data will not be placed in the documents folder. That data will be placed in c:\users\username\appdata. When you open that location, you see that other applications place there profile data too. Users will not notice any differences, because they dont see the fm folder. I dont want to see a "my tdm" (or any) folder in my homefolder. That is placed in a hidden folder in my homefolder. that is the conventional location. (Also in other OS'ses) Tdm will use "all folders in one directory", because the fm folder is referenced in the config. And where i expect it to go wrong, is during the use of the applications outside TDM. Like in the updater, installing/updating the three standard missions. Or in DR. But both can be solved by using/changing referrences. Btw Who uses a username with spaces? To me, that was always asking for technical problems in the early days, when some applications didnt used environment variables.
  24. Also after restarting the installer procedure (And/or changing download mirrors)? Because that error means "bad connection".
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