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  1. And take at look at our old wiki article for some other pointers: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Performance_Tweaks
  2. Sokoban in first person? It looks like claustrofobic to me. How about tetris? Or another variant of stack barrels up puzzel or get candle out of maze, in some missions. Or a mission with a big companion cube, where you can hide at the backsides. A video from sokoban:
  3. I dont like those puzzels in missions. To me, it slows down the flow.
  4. Just a embedded video, for you viewers pleasure.
  5. About the copyrighted stuff, at this moment i don't care. I am looking forward what the community will do with this leaked version. Because this version was promised to us in 2001 at E3. In 2011 we got a version with stupid / non working parts. To me, this leaked version is the version of the e3 2001 trailer! (I found the original maps what they used for the trailer) I played the version and to me, it was blast to the past: Playing a unreal engine 1 game, changing things using one of the first unreal editors, HUD Overlay weather effects (from MGS 2), Destructible bodies (Soldier of fortune), And switching between main-menu wallpapers of Nathalie Portman and Britney Spears (in their young days) I hope that the community will to things with it, like: Patching up the maps, creating new maps, adding new physics engine, upgrading their video renders, some re-shade, high textures and models, etc. I loved what the community did with "Duke Nukem forever 2013" (mod for Duke Nukem 3D) and "Serious Duke 3D" (mod for Serious Sam). But this leaked version is the real thing. (Until someone create/extract the editor from version 2011, for the community to make new maps) What do you think about this?
  6. 2001 Trailer: One of the leaked 2001 reviews
  7. You can download the files, from several mirrors. I got it from https://archive.org/details/1652058670472 (@admin please remove this forumpost when needed)
  8. I hope so, but dont think so. because of the licenses, trademarks, deals with 2K, etc (and for this leaked package, with parts of the never publicly released source-code of the unreal 1/2 engine) George Broussard: "Yes, the leak looks real. No, I’m not really interested in talking about it or retreading a painful past. You should heavily temper expectations. There is no real game to play. Just a smattering of barely populated test levels." Source: https://twitter.com/georgebsocial/status/1523602422437842944 True, but the modding community was longing for this one. (and the leaked package has the editor and source-code) So, I am looking forward what the community will do with it. But i fear for the future problems with 2K (and Epic?). News articles: https://kotaku.com/duke-nukem-forever-2001-build-leak-broussard-miller-3d-1848908594 https://www.pcgamer.com/the-leaked-2001-duke-nukem-forever-build-can-now-be-downloaded/
  9. Got the files myself. Finally, the Build version where I waited for, so many years, is online!! Hopefully the modding community can create something nice out of it.
  10. Some days ago, Several builds of "the one" 2001 early build of Duke Nukem forever, been leaked online some days ago. This package includes the editor, but also its source-code. And some reviewers says is it legit. Whats your opinion about it?
  11. WTF, A old Duke nukem forever build is leaked! looks like the 2001 one! (with a working editor!)
  12. Wow, as not-mapper, this looks a great tool for beginners. So, this works with TDM? In my past, i had difficulties to create buildings in unrealed (1.0), but i loved to retexture and adding new objects in excisting community maps. When i look at this editor, i finally see an easy way to make a room. I will try this editor to create some rooms and add objects using DR. I watched some video tutorials at https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgDKRPte5Y0AZ_K_PZbWbgBAEt5xf74aE
  13. Just want to say you can also see the version at: on the rightside of the TDM console. In the details of the windows executable,
  14. I added wellingstoncrabs link to that wiki page.
  15. I love those mgs2-like weather effects from this map for RTCW 1. Map: liner Effects: Rtcw venom mod 5 and qeffectsgl.
  16. To avoid problems, please move the tdm folder to another location and set the folder permission. Not to your documents/download/images folder. Preferably on the root of the c-drive or more in the neighbourhood, like c:\games\darkmod. And dont add spaces in the title of the folder. To make it easier, 1. move your tdmfolder to another location, 2. download my variant of tdm installer, from our download page, 3. run it, 4. during the installation, when the installer asks for a location, select your excisting tdm folder. This will set all the things mentioned above, automatically. For more pointers, look at this tdm-wiki article.
  17. I stick with ultimate bootcd (with partedmagic as linux os). Solved already several windows os problems. To me, Hirens is a strong next. and i will have a look at ikki and panda.
  18. From the creators of shamblers castle I know the following is "a bit to much", but we should use several parts of this map. (it is to bad, that this map is unpublisched) UNFINISHED Quake Mod in Doom 3 (Quake Intro map + Lavastorm)
  19. If so, run the linux binary or run it on wine. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation#Linux
  20. As what he said. Crdownload is a filename extension, a container for partedly downloaded files (later for combine to a full datafile), You did not get the full downloaded file. Please remove that file and download it again. Maybe check if a viruscanner blocks things, bad internet connection, etc.
  21. But he can load up 1 of the hunderds of missions and see what works and what not.
  22. So, try to run 2.07. download and use the full standalone 2.07 package from moddb: https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/downloads/the-dark-mod-207-full Or older: https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/downloads And do not run games on a vm. (Why do you do this? @thisPastMarioOfBeingAliveClu
  23. To make it more known to the public. The community got also tdm packages in repos, like Opensuse and maybe the freebsd port. But a bit out of date. Welcome and thanks for creating the flatpak, Ludvig. If you build the flatpak just around the tdm installer, like what you did, you are set. Maybe following some pointers from our wiki page, to avoid some user problems. (Like the write permissions, but your flatpack installs into a writeble folder, but only for one user not all) (see wiki articles: Installation and Installer and Manual Installation) But it will be also nice if someone would create a fully standalone package and ship it to popular repos.
  24. And about the package name, opensuse package creators uses "thedarkmod". And to avoid several user problems, please set the folder permissions so all users can write to that folder. (Because people here dont want TDM to be system-wide) (and dont want to follow fileplacement standards, that are dear to your Freebsd users)
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