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Reverse/Invert Mouse-wheel for Spyglass, Object Manipulation, and Page Turning?


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I find that the mouse-wheel in TDM does the opposite of what I want it to with: (1) the spyglass zoom, (2) pushing and pulling an object you're holding out in front of you, and (3) flipping pages in texts. I don't see a way to invert the mouse-wheel in the menus for these things. Is there a way? If not, can a way be added someday, perhaps?

My instincts tell me to:

  1. Roll the mouse-wheel forward to zoom in with the spyglass; backward (i.e., toward me) to zoom out.
  2. Roll the mouse-wheel forward to push an object away from me; backward (i.e., toward me) to bring the object closer.
  3. Roll the mouse-wheel forward to go to last page; backward (i.e., toward me) to go to next page.

But TDM is the reverse of these, and it becomes a conscious effort every time I try do do these actions when it should be purely intuitive/instinctual.

Note: Using mouse-wheel to scroll through inventory items seems fine to me. I don't want that reversed.

PS: I know everyone has their own preference... similar to how some people like to have Y-inverted for flight sims and some don't. So, I'm not asking to change it for everyone as a default. I just think an invert/reverse mouse-wheel option should exist in the menus, if it's not already there somewhere. Pretty sure other games have done the reverse of TDM for these types of mouse-wheel things, where it's been a lot more intuitive for me.

I think it'd be safe to invert for all three of these things, but if you wish to instead separate them out so each action can be individually inverted by the player, that'd probably be safer -- to allow for maximum customization.

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The actions executed by the spyglass and readables are fixed and specified in the guis used their. I am not a houndret percent sure how it behaves with object manipulation, that might be hard-coded. If there are three things you would like to have reverted (spyglass, objects and readables) and only one where not (inventory) I would suggest trying to flip the respectives keys in the settings for the time beeing.


Making these settings customizable would require at least changes in the guis for the main menu as well as the spyglass and readables and maybe additions to the code to at least store the settings.

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UPDATE: See my EDIT note at very bottom of my post, as I have a solution that works for me. Will leave rest of post intact


Oh, I now see I defined my inventory selection like this (or it's the default TDM setup); so it looks like inventory won't be an issue:


However, for spyglass, readables, and object manip, I see no way to assign such a setup. So, in the end (in summary), I think it'd be great if someday TDM could have user-definable control mappings in the menus where I could specify the following:

Spyglass Zoom (when active):

  • Zoom In - WHEELUP
  • Zoom Out - WHEELDOWN

Object Manipulation (when holding an object out in front of you):

  • Push Away - WHEELUP
  • Bring Closer - WHEELDOWN

Reading Texts:

  • Previous Page - WHEELUP
  • Next Page - WHEELDOWN

In the meantime, I will try to find somewhere in config/pref files where I might be able to reverse these three actions on my own (since I know TDM updates don't happen overnight), and report back if I succeed; but if someone else knows exactly where, I'm all ears!


EDIT!! I'm here to report that all is well from my end now. After reviewing DarkmodKeybindings.cfg, I made a hunch that maybe multiple actions shared my inventory wheelup/wheeldown choice in Settings (and thinking that might be what you were saying, Obsttorte). Sure enough, I reversed the setting (i.e., changed "Next Inv. Item" to "WHEELDOWN" and "Prev Inv. Item" to WHEELUP") and voila! My spyglass, object manip, and readables are now working as I'd expect them to! I wasn't aware before that all of these actions were tied to that one inventory preference.

Inventory selection direction isn't really that big of deal for me; it's the other three that I was mainly worried about. This in-game behavior I'm seeing now harkens back to how I'm pretty sure TDM used to work for me; so I may have accidentally changed the inventory setting away from the TDM defaults at some point.

It still might not be a bad idea to break off spyglass, object manip, and readables to have their own configurable settings someday, but I'm okay now.

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