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Alternative to tdm_user_addons.script to support multiple global mods


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I've always ran into an unsolvable limitations when it comes to creating FM independent mods. This probably wasn't brought up a lot as I seem to be one of the few creators working on universal modifications rather than per-FM ones, meaning they're meant to always work when placing their pk4 in the core TDM directory.

The issue is similar to tdm_custom_scripts.script: Since script files don't get automatically executed but must be called (unlike defs) you need to run yours by using an #include then calling your main function from a builtin script called tdm_user_addons.script. The problem is you can't have multiple addons installed this way since each pk4 overrides that file causing only the last one (in alphabetical order) to function. With tdm_custom_scripts this isn't an issue as that's meant to be overwritten per FM and only one can be loaded by design... for tdm_user_addons it becomes a problem when you want to make multiple mods that don't conflict with each other.

I wanted to know if there's any workaround so far, or one could please be taken into account for the next update. Can we have some means of automatically #including a global script with an unique name? A quick solution I'm thinking of is to just automatically execute the script with the same name as the pk4: If you have "tdm_mod_whatever.pk4" inside your DarkMod directory, "script/tdm_mod_whatever.script" would be ran by the engine once the map starts, or something among those lines.

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