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Darkradiant doesn't open for me

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I compiled DR with no extra options on Ubuntu 23.10, and installed it, all without any error, but when I try to launch DR it comes out with "no game type selected" and after ok, the code Aborts due to a memory overflow, I opened a bug in: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=6472 where I supplied the log, any idea of what might be going wrong?

Biel Bestué de Luna - Github

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20 minutes ago, 7318 said:

I think this is the same error:

I very much doubt it. You are building from source on Ubuntu whereas demagogue is reporting a problem with the released Windows build.

I believe your error is the same one I encountered here: 

This error is triggered by a change in Greebo's repo which I haven't yet merged, so if you build from my repo you should avoid this issue.

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