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Sounds for selecting items, usage sounds for all tools, icon animation when item selection changes

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There is a simple but effective detail that could make TDM feel even more complete, which somehow was missed to this day; I think we should have HUD sounds for selecting tools, something unique for each vanilla item with the spawnarg available for mappers to set on custom items. Arrows have one for being selected or holstered but not items: I'm sure we can find what we need on FreeSound or OpenGameArt, if it helps I can dig for the best ones and look for something that feels satisfying to hear often.

Examples: A wire sound when switching to the lockpick, a squeaky oil lamp noise when switching to the lantern, a bottle splashing when switching to the health potion.

In addition the lantern needs sounds for being turned on and off, for now even using the candle sounds for lighting and extinguishing may be an improvement to the complete silence. Same for the spyglass, you should hear something as you activate and deactivate it. Let me know if there's other items lacking audio that I missed: Lockpicks for instance don't need it as the door manages the lockpicking sounds including an unique sound when you start picking.

Lastly I think a simple animation for selecting and deselecting items should be included, which should be easy to do in the GUI definition. Right now the icon changes abruptly: I feel there should be a slight transition effect for fading / scaling / sliding the icon, which should be used on the weapon icon too when switching between the blackjack / sword / arrows.

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