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Sfx For Broadhead Destroyed?

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Do we have a sound effect for a broadhead arrow hitting something that makes it break, like stone? Also, we may need sounds for broadheads sticking into things other than wood, like outdoor ground.


I tried the "wood destroyed" sounds, but those all sound like they're more for a crate being destroyed rather than a small object like a broadhead striking stone.

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Yes, the material_wood_destroyed sounds are meant for wooden objects like crates, doors etc etc. (This also goes for the material_wood_impact sounds)


We don't have a broadhead break sound yet. I'll check what it sounded like in Thief and see if I can do something similar.

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We'll also need SFX for broadheads hitting and sticking in different surfaces, in addition to wood.


High priority:

-Broadhead striking flesh


-Bouncing off armor (on hold until we have tested the texture dependent damage system)


Lower priority, other surfaces:

carpet dirt grass snow sand mud twigs straw foliage (some of these might sound the same)

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Are there any plans for getting a noisemaker sound ingame soon? Am I remembering right that we decided it would sound like a series of clicks from wound-up clockwork (sort've like a woodpecker bird), rather than the fireworks of TDS?


I might as well put all my random sound requests in this thread. :)

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