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Preliminary Floorplan

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This is by no means final. This is a quick sketch of a possible first floor plan for one of the mansion missions. I was thinking this should be a two story mansion (1st and second floors) plus a basement, but I think we should agree on a single floor at a time to get the basic shape down so I can begin to build above and below with different rooms/staircases etc.


Let me know if i'm missing rooms that should be present on the first floor, or of any suggestions as to the layout of the rooms.




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(we need an evil grin smiley)


Muhahah, he can do floorplans, too! I knew it. Looks quite playable and interesting. Let that creative mind fly!


Edit: I wonder if we should cross post these in the beta mappers forum? Or can they already read this forum? This kind of stuff can really get the juices flowing...

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