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I'm not in the mapping dept so I can't say anything about beta mapper status, but I just wanted to say that looks great! Great improvement!


Also with regard to scaling things like ceilings and doorways in future maps: I've heard from the mapping team that, when starting out on a map, it helps to temporarily place a hazmat suit character (forget the exact name, char_hazmat maybe?) in the map and scale it based on that, since that is about right for making things at a scale that "feel right" with the D3 camera height.


nooooooo not the hazmat guy!!! our AI are about a head and a half taller then him, and even the player is almost taller. If you want to use a good measurement then make sure it's about 100 Doom units tall from bottom of door to top of door. That will ensure that our AI can fit through. As for width, a minimum of 48 Doom units wide. This is the size the AI dcurrently use to navigate, (aas48) and a smaller width means they can't fit. This will change in the future afaik because we'll have to rewrite the aas to a smaller size, about 32. But yeah, for now it's best to use 48 and be safe.

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@Dram: The taller of our AI are going to be resized. The Builder guard is the only one the right size, and he's about the same size as the hazmat guy isn't he?


No, this is the one i was reffering to. As far as I remember, the hazmat guy is about a head shorter then the builder.

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