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Docks Sounds Request

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I'm working on some docks location currently, testing my galleon model and some others - it would be fine to have some proper sounds for that theme as well. Sounds FX/ambients I can think of at this moment:

- waving sea plus some wind

- seagulls

- ship's creaking

- any others...?

Variations are welcome. :)

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For now, these sounds are available on cvs/svn:


water_docks01_loop - mrDischarged

water_docks02_loop - mrDischarged

water_docks03_loop - drewb50

water_drips01 - Saxmeister

water_drips02 - Saxmeister

water_ocean01_loop - LiquidBronze

water_ocean02_loop - LiquidBronze

water_ocean03_loop - drewb50

water_ocean04_distant - Darkness_Falls

water_stream01_loop - drewb50


And there are several wind sounds as well, I think.

I've got a few more ocean sounds lying around that I never uploaded, I think.

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