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I just found a bug and a crash in DR.


I created a brush, hollowed it and textured it. Then I created info_player start. Without deselecting it, I created a light. I didn't notice this at first, but instead of creating a new light entity, the player was turned into a light instead because it was still selected. I resized the light to fit the roombrush. Now I tried to assign a colour to the light, but it didn't immediately work, which I found strange. Just selected a colour, pressed OK and the light stayed white. After some fiddling it did accept the colour. I saved the map and compiled it, and got the error that there is no info player start (this was when I noticed this bug). I went back to DR and created the player again, and because the light was still selected, it got turned into the player info start entity instead of creating a new one. This was the point where I noticed that behaviour. :) So I tried to undo it using CTRL-Z and then I got a crash as well.


I reloaded DR and tried to do this again where I found another bug. When having an entity selected, and creating a new one, the current selected one is always turned into the new object. So I created info_player_start again, and then created a light again (just as before) and this time I immeditealy noticed this (because I was looking for it). So I tried Undo, expecting that the light would turn back into my player start but it didn't. Instead it jumped around a bit (because I had moved the player location) and then stopped (because there were no more undo's anymore) but it didn't turn back into the player.


So the expected behaviour would have been this:


1. If the user has one or more object(s) selected and uses the "Create ..." menu, then it should unselect the current selection and create the new entity, unless the selected object is a brush, in which case it would be ok to turn it into an entity. Currently, if you have one ore more objects selected (doesn't matter if it is a brush or an entity or a mixture of both), ALL of them vanish and the new object appears.

2. Undo should really undo such things. So even if the user turned a brush into an entity, I would expect that it undos this as well. If that is to complicated it would be enough if the undo history for this object would be cleared, because it doesn't make sense to keep it, as operation on one type of object may not be applicable on the new type of object.

3. Obviously the crash shouldn't happen, but I couldn't reproduce it after retrying it, so I can't help much to find this issue. I described above what I did. Since DR was just started, there was not much that I did before it crashed. One thing though. I also used the texture browser, to select different textures for the ceiling, walls and floor of that roombrush that I created, so this might also have an impact.

4. Tried to create a light and assign it a colour. This doesn't work. The colour can be selected but it wont be assigned to the light. Only after pressing the pipette symbol to select a colour from the screen it gets accepted, and after that changin of the colour also works.


I can try to see if I can reproduce the crash again.


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Turning one entitiy into another is disabled in newer version (0.9.x / SVN). It is not possible to create a new entity now when another one is selected.

The light color also works well for me, I can change it in the light inspector and in the entity inspector without any problems. Maybe this got fixed as well in the new version.

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