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  1. I've just tried blend gl_dst_color, gl_one This does brighten the underlying texture and it reacts to light corrrectly, but even where the image is white you can see the color of the underlying image, so not really perfect for snow... Maybe you could use this in combination with the alphatested image to mask the edges a bit.
  2. Maybe it's an inverted filter stage. So the used texture is white where the dirt should be and the shader does "1 - image" which results in dark dirt. If you darken the image with the color keyword, the resulting dirt becomes brighter. Using a larger color of 0.8 will cause the dirt to become a little bit brighter, while larger values will cause it to fade and become more and more invisible.
  3. I'm trying to get this to work at the moment... currently I have a flying builder guard (looks really funny... for some reason the head and shoulders detach from the body and float a little bit above the torso... ). I'm changing his move type from fly to anim with a path entity, and when he touches the ground, he slides all the way to the wall and keeps moon walking there...
  4. Hah, well spotted. Good old copy&paste bug.
  5. I've added some very basic support for flying AI. It's full of hacks and not quite functional for now. The fire elemental can follow a patrol route of path_corners at different heights now (but not through doors, it will just bump against a wall in the way and circle there), but in combat it just charges at the player's feet and circles there indefinitely. There is a new exe and pk4 for windows users, but someone will need to compile for linux. Thanks.
  6. Hm, I played around with coding them a while ago. Had them flying around, but no obstacle avoidance etc. I'll see if I can dig that old code up again.
  7. Hey, those are nice! While looking at the missing sounds list, I found that the revenant almost exclusively uses d3 sounds. We'll need a complete vocal set...
  8. The license doesn't look so good. It's aimed at commerical products. Here's one sentence of it:
  9. Yes, I sometimes do this.
  10. Hm, I could do some vocals... might be fun, and I also have a microphone... but I don't have much time these days, and the quality is quite probably not going to be the best...
  11. This should be fixed now (in source, no new pk4 yet).
  12. This sounds like a bug, please report.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, I'm happy you guys like it There is no coin stack in the chest with the gold bar If you mean that object in the upper right, that's a func_static ink pot... If it really does look like a coin stack, it can be replaced with something else or removed in an upgraded version of outpost. Possibly not any time soon, since we had our personal "release" in August, which took 9 months. We're currently spending most of our time maintaining this project...
  14. Thanks for the feedback everyone, this is appreciated! This is why No, seriously, this is some kind of physics bug, I think I have already seen something similar in Saint Lucia. Good one though Oh, and could you please continue the player footstep discussion in another thread and keep this one for map-specific feedback? Thanks!
  15. That's what I used to do in T1 and T2 too... and did you know you could BJ the frogs?

  16. Interesting. I don't have time for testing the different precision settings, but I think there is a cvar for disabling ai anims, it's tdm_ai_opt_disableanims or similar. Might be that they stop moving altogether though.
  17. Yes, the collision sounds are already louder at higher speed (both for the player and the AI). Below a certain minimum velocity no sound is played at all (currently a cvar, tdm_bounce_sound_min_vel, which is 80. You have to be fairly close to a surface while dropping). Between minimum and maximum velocity (the cvar tdm_bounce_sound_max_vel, which is 400. This is reached when you drop something from a little bit above eye height), the volume increases, and above maximum velocity the volume stays constant at the value defined in the def. The decrease of the propagated volume between the max and min velocity is the spawn arg min_velocity_volume_decrease, which is currently 20 db. I can convert the min and max velocities to spawn args if needed, and maybe the max vel or the volume decrease could be increased a bit along with the max volume in the def, to make the difference between low and high volume alerts a bit bigger.
  18. No this is not supported by the code yet, but I made a new sound shader for the Lord, it's called "tdm_ai_lord_notice_pickpocket" On the other characters we just moved the sounds into the "missing items" shader.
  19. That's exactly what I did too... usually I didn't kill anyone in thief, but those spiders had to die!
  20. It looks like the last few Lord vocals are missing in the sound file. The last one that is there is the greeting to noble female, then the following are missing: greeting_xpriest_1 "Greetings, Father." Greeting Generic: A casual greeting greeting_civilianxcivilian_1 "Greetings." greeting_civilianxcivilian_2 "Well met." greeting_civilianxcivilian_3 "Good evening." Greeting Inferior. You're a noble and see a civilian. You're better than them. greeting_noblemanxcivilian_1 "Stand aside, you." Greeting inferior guard. You’re a noble and see a guard. Evaluate their performance. greeting_noblemanxguard_1 “Stay alert, man.” greeting_noblemanxguard_2 "Keep your eyes open!" Generic Responses: These should be said fairly monotone and noncomittal, as they could be replies to many different greetings. response_1 “Yes.” response_2 “Indeed.” response_3 “Quite Right.” Is it possible that they weren't recorded? Or maybe they are in another sound file?
  21. YAY! I'll start working on the Lord then.
  22. Great, looking forward to the new stuff If you have time left and feel like it, you could also do some footsteps for our spiders: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?...e=Giant_Spiders walking on different surfaces. It's not important though, as they are not going to be in our initial release anyway. Edit: oh, and they could also use some vocals... although I have no idea what kinds of sounds they would make...
  23. More specifically, there are problems with the following files: WARNING: Couldn't load image: models/md5/chars/guards/citywatch/leather_tunic02 WARNING: Couldn't load image: models/md5/chars/guards/proguard_02/skins/proguard02_chainmail_worn WARNING: Couldn't load image: tdm_commoner_tunic_greenish WARNING: Couldn't load image: tunic_inside These are referenced in test_springheel.skin WARNING: Couldn't load image: models/md5/chars/thief/thief1_local Used in springheel_characters, models/md5/chars/inventors/engineer2/engineer_collar/ties file was removed some time ago WARNING: Could not find head entityDef atdm:ai_head_commoner03! used in atdm:ai_guard_brute and env_ragdoll_guard_thug On a side note: I just made a test map with all (well, most) available characters and their skins as well as all the heads. Man, we do have a lot of variety now! It's test/ai_skins.map
  24. This already works, place an AI somewhere in a map and set "drunk" "1" on him. He'll do the drunk anim and the drunk barks (only the grumbler vocal set has dedicated drunken barks so far). He also has reduced acuities. I like the anim, although it looks a little bit funny sometimes (but maybe that's just the random head turning, I'm not sure).
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