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Free camera (free_tcm) / noclip that shows player model

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#1 teh_saccade


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Posted 03 January 2018 - 08:06 AM

Hi guys,

Hope you had a good xmas and new year's.

A question, related to the augmented reality / projection mapping of thief level.

Is there some console command in the game of which I am unaware, or some way to force a noclip (not bug it so the arms are left using arrow glitch), so that the player model is shown while a level might be played..?

ie, a 3rd person perspective.

Would I have to alter an existing mission and have it played out in a mirror with the player looking up in order to achieve this, or is there a command to, eg - put the camera in the corner and have the player sneak into the pub and blackjack birdie (and everyone else) etc...

Similar to a floating camera perspective.

I know in doom 3 it was possible to use console commands, "pm_thirdperson 1" and "pm_thirdPersonAngle/Height/Range nn" in order to switch to third person, but the camera would follow the player despite FOV or angle/height/range settings.

This "OTS" kind of 3rd person makes it very difficult to play the game using projection mapping, as the physical models (eg, tables) do not appear as... good (read "lame")... as if they are projected onto a static object (eg, a small box inside the "play area"/camera view [enclosed in 4 sided cube] cotaining a blank, printed model of the iwo table prefab).

I can't really remember, but there was a trick whereby the player might be placed in a static position, use "pm_modelview" to act as a camera and then use 2nd player in 1st person to perform the gaming actions, thereby creating a drone from the 1st player.

I am unsure if any of this is possible in TDM, as it would be in a demonstration of, eg - a bethesda game where the function is in-built (also eg, splinter cell CT, where player 1 views through security camera and player 2 performs the actions).

It is proof of concept only. While it is possible in other games, I am unsure if it is possible to use the 2 player trick in TDM, although I believe the 3rd person will work (albeit without animations).

It is possible in T2 due to the scouting orb, although there is a lot of lens correction for which to account, plus the multiplayer mods.

Would be nice to use TDM...



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#2 freyk


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Posted 04 January 2018 - 12:47 AM

Or you create a cinematic scene using the player model (or another model with fighting animations) and a d3-camera. (Like the d3 and q4 intro)

Its almost impossible to create a prey-1 intro, due playermodel limited animations.
(see also topic the player has no animations or shadow)

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#3 teh_saccade


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Posted 27 January 2018 - 05:37 PM

Was not possible to use for demonstration due to many restrictions and was slammed for dated look... :/.

Easier and quicker for team to knock up metro-looking cryengine demo.

Thanks anyway.

It's always got me how stealth games never take into account player shadow. if there even is one..



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