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  1. ok idk why i quoted myself, im stoop Here is a better angle with my lantern on
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  2. Man, September and October have been a shit show so progress slowed down a ton. But I just had a lot of fun wrapping some blood around this boar's neck. It was a bitch and took forever to get the patch just right, but the desired effect was pulled off nicely. Like someone hacked his head off and plopped it down in front of the altar. Now some flies and a couple bloody handprints, once the rest of this cave is decorated it will have a pagan vibe.
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  3. I'm not sure when I'll get back to modelling, but this was the last thing I was working on. Never made a weapon prop before. This one was supposed to be either main loot or special loot item.
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  5. Imagine a garden with fireflies sitting on stuff, when you come close they fly away into the dark. So I made a big firefly with wings and stuff and made it fly: FireFly Video Next is scaling it all down to fly size.
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  6. @AluminumHaste "bats move so fast you wouldn't be able to see any detail anyways". That is true. I made a new bat model, a bit bigger (can be scaled down ofc.), still very simple but without the glitches I got from modeling in DR in the smalest grid. Btw, the bat must be triggered one time before it starts hunting, so it could be lurking somewhere and fly out suddenly in front of you with a trigger multiple or something.
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  7. I have a BAT !! Bat Video Bat Video 2
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