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  1. Thats partly as to why I didn't release my first attempt. The original is incredibly difficult to visportal properly, there were way too many drastic frame drops in key areas. Going into it this time, I plan on adding more density and use a strong atmosphere to create a subconscious illusion of a bigger space. Some areas I already know will be very difficult. I'm also giving myself a bit of flexibility on how faithful I want to be to the original layout. This will give me leverage to work within my limits to optimize performance.
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  2. A famous painting is on display at the local museum. Steal it, of course! Title: Now and Then Filename : nowandthen.pk4 (download) Author: joebarnin Date of release: 08 September 2020 Version: 1 EFX: Yes Requires: TDM 2.08 Author: joebarnin Custom ambients: JackFarmer Gameplay notes Thorough investigation is encouraged. Scary AIs: No spiders, skeletons, undead, or ghosts. One live rat and one dead one. Makes use of the 'peek' ability, allowing the player to peek through
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  3. Thanks for this great mission. I really enjoyed it! One question regarding the story:
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  4. One of my favorite hidden features in "Deus ex" is the fact that security bots can run out of ammo. After three minutes it says "out of ammo" and just goes away:
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  5. Use the noclip console command to get through the door, then turn it off once you are on the other side.
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