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    I'm looking for a few beta testers for my new mission, "Now and Then". It's a medium-sized mission. I'll create a thread in the Beta Testing forum shortly. Please sign up here so I can get a feeling for how many testers are involved. Thanks!
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    I'd like to give it a spin, too.
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    Count me in. I'm perhaps not the greatest expert in the mechanics of Dark Radiant yet, but I have an eye for detail.
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    Hello everyone am Fr my english is not perfect. ༼ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°༽ I did Thief 1 and II longtime ago and i enjoyed that game ,even re did them with the hd mod. And now that i have a real computer i will enjoy TDM. good job you did. Any missions recomendations ? Will there be news missions in the futur also ? I will stream too time to time i take my time when i play this kind of game and dont rush anything. https://www.twitch.tv/micropoint_ Keep doing anyway you did a great job and TDM add lot of great features.
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    Announcing the release of the first William Steele mission! Summary In the North is a mansion heist that takes place outside the town of Braedon, north of Bridgeport. William Steele is an adventurer from Bridgeport who has been away several years, working as a soldier/guard for one Lord Bascombe at his castle in Braedon. Lord Harckoff, a nasty fellow who lives in a renovated Builder church nearby, sees Bascombe as a threat to his shady business, and has put a price on Bascombe's head. Steele decides to visit Harckoff one night to see what he can do to prevent Bascombe's death. The William Steele Missions In the North is the first of several Steele missions. Altogether they'll tell a story of corruption, greed, and revenge. At some point, I'll start packaging them as a campaign, in addition to the single missions. Download This Mission can be obtained using the in-game loader. Look for WS1: In the North. Mission Details and Download: http://www.thedarkmo...ndetails/?id=65 Build Time About one year. Thanks Thanks to the TDM team for creating a terrific platform for storytelling and stealth gaming. Thanks to Bikerdude, Springheel, and AluminumHaste for beta testing, especially at a time when we were all busy dealing with the final phase of TDM 1.08. The Translators (Smallman, Overmann, and Sengu) are hard at work on translations for various languages, so thanks go out to them as well. Localized versions will be available after they're completed and tested. And thanks to YOU for playing! Known Issues This is a large non-linear mission. To ease the burden on slower systems, consider shutting doors behind you as you go. If you experience low frame rates, please consult the Performance Tweaks page on the Wiki. Performance Tweaks For very low end PCs I recommend the following settings: V-sync is offAA is offAniso is 4x or lowerAdvanced settings are simple/defaultPost processing is disabledAnyone having performance issues with TDM missions can put the following cvars into their Darkmod.cfg file. This will improve the framerate and stutter/chop when in-game, but may increase loading times a little. image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" image_useNormalCompression "2" image_useAllFormats "1" image_useCompression "1" image_preload "1" Important This mission requires TDM 1.08 or later. Repeat after me: "Read and explore, Read and explore". Most Importantly, Enjoy! Screenshots WS2: Home Again Steele's story continues with Home Again, which you can find here.
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    Sometimes I just want to come here and say stuff like "hah, how about those biscotti biscuits, eh? Tried for the first time and my mind was blown into a million tiny biscobits. They're pretty good! also, I'm a dad now. anyway, bye" But I feel a new topic would be too strong, and I'm not yet sold on the Discord. I was an avid IRC user in the past (where I met my current wife, btw) but even so discord still doesn't work for me, I don't know. So yeah, I am a dad now! that is actually a thing. He looks like me and is very tiny and I love him. Also, the easiest personality to raise a child I've ever seen! this is baby easy mode, for sure. He barely screams and cries and just generally makes my life happier. The day before he was born I was super insecure and afraid. Would I love him? would I raise him well? as soon as I held him I knew that if anything happened to him I would murder an entire football team with my bare hands and then kill myself. As grim as that sounds this is actually a good thing. Also, a good use for this topic is for all of us to dump our TDM-unrelated game dev projects! I decided to make a game for the SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis for the Americans). It's a grid platformer akin to Flashback, prince of persia, blackthorne and others. I reject the term "cinematic platformer"; I think it's silly. But, brushing aside nostalgia, the only things I like about those games is the animation, obviously, and the grid snapping. There is potential for strategic gameplay in grid-based games and I think those games I mentioned should have focused less on precision platforming and more on semi puzzle gameplay. So I'm making it a stealth game! I don't think Mega Drive has any of those yet. Having some fun with debug logs: I have currently 4 game dev projects, which I cycle through periodically, but this is my main obsession right now.
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    Trust me, the equivalent OpenGL or DX11 tutorials are significantly simpler Well, the advantage is that it gives you a lot more control over the graphics pipeline, which also eliminates a lot of implicit assumptions and verifications needed from the driver. That *can* result in better performance and significantly reduced driver overhead, if you know what you're doing. Imho, Vulkan is aimed at professional engine developers, not hobby developers. Not that the latter can't use Vulkan, but it will eat a significant chunk of your dev time for questionable benefits.
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    No idea what it was for. Right now the only FM using it is "Marsh of Rahena". It sets the rectangle to full screen, which overrides not only the background image, but also the parchment. It pops up in pretty ugly way, and switches out when you go to Settings, New Game, Load/Save, etc. I'd be happy to eradicate this thing. @ERH+, would it be OK if I remove the custom title feature and change your FM to override background instead (like e.g. in Accountant 1)?
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    Without your help, this would have not been possible. Thanks a lot for your help, once again! Jack
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    This is how it looks right now. Also attached the code of main class if anyone is interested. One nuisance is that reloading a map works only after the map is saved. So when mapper moves something, he has to 1) save the map, and 2) click "reload map" button. It is of course possible to send reloadMap command automatically on save, removing one click. Also, reloading map from scratch takes a second or two for a large map (saving probably takes longer). But I think it would be better if hot-reloading was possible without saving map to disk. In order to achieve that, I need the following features: Ability to detect which entities has changed (since some mark in the past). Which were removed, which were added, which were modified (it's OK to overestimate the last list). Ability to save every entity from selected set into in-memory text in .map format (spawnargs, brushes, patches --- all exactly as in .map file). Probably also some event which signals when an entity has changed. Worldspawn is out of question yet. But in future it would be necessary to do pretty the same things for world brushes and patches. GameConnection.cpp GameConnection.h
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    TDM 2.08 comes with a wealth of new monster characters that’ll be sure to enrich future missions: Manbeast by Kingsal Werebeast by Diego, Springheel, Obsttorte & Destined Clothed and running zombies by Springheel Flame bearing skeletons by Springheel There are some things to be aware of if you are a mission author interested in working with the werebeast or manbeast: The werebeast is only partially completed in terms of animations and vocals for now, so it’s recommended not to use it the same way you would a regular AI. Some important issues were found in the last minutes of this dev cycle, in particular concerning the manbeast (i.e. LOD and material definitions). The fixes came too late to make it into this release, so please download this patch and place it in your mission’s folder if you intend to make a mission with manbeasts. If the patch was successful you’ll see a new top-level folder named after your FM in ‘Create Entity’ listing all the changed entities. There’s no need to extract the .pk4. If you see someone working with the manbeast characters, please point them to this patch to make sure they’re using it.
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