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  1. Maybe Sokoban in first person? It looks like claustrofobic to me. How about tetris? Or another variant of stack barrels up puzzel or get candle out of maze, in some missions. Or a mission with a big companion cube, where you can hide at the backsides. A video from sokoban:
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  2. Big text moment Embracer CEO Sees Great Potential for Legacy of Kain, Thief, Deus Ex Remakes/Remasters/Spin-Offs https://wccftech.com/embracer-ceo-sees-great-potential-for-legacy-of-kain-thief-deus-ex-remakes-remasters-spin-offs/
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  3. 2.11 (dev), no quivver.....is it intended or a bug? https://postimg.cc/gL8txtcY https://postimg.cc/crG5pWT6
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