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    Quixel Mixer a very easy texture and PBR material maker is now totally free for everyone and according to them forever, all because of Epic Games. It is optimized to do PBR materials but is perfectly possible to convert those to normal TDM materials, all the textures are there, albedo = diffuse, normal map and in the case of UE4 pbr the specular map is just one of the channels of the ARM texture, you can see the channels in photoshop or extract one by one using xnview, inside the arm texture is the roughness map, the specular or metalness map and the ambient occlusion map. See how easy is to make textures with it:
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    "Impressive to see it given for free"
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    Translation of lowenz' "!": "Wow! I like!"
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    Now things are getting a little wierd. Just who is the market for this? Cool build though. Abandoned Dolls Houses now for your Inner Demon Child https://www.messynessychic.com/2020/02/27/and-now-abandoned-dollhouses-for-your-inner-demon-child/?fbclid=IwAR1SVr33A_UyZCuZHTq2dZcIDx2msxIqxD93qNv8DXe_8hLYLn9WUbmXvYE
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    So it's like free alternative to Substance Painter (and with fewer features, but still). That's good, Substance needs good competition to keep them on their toes.
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    I found a highpoly scan of the statue under CC-BY. (Warning: link will throttle your machine if it's as decrepit as my laptop.) Sketchfab can't be the original source of the mesh, though; the upload isn't old enough. It seems you can buy physical replicas as garden ornaments (with variations like having both breasts covered): https://www.gardensite.co.uk/garden-ornaments/hebe-goddess-160cm-marble-statue-garden-ornament-sculpture.htm https://www.ancientsculpturegallery.com/hebe-lifesize-museum-replica-statue-64.html
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    Ok, I will run through the mission and check the lantern in all areas and see if something triggers it to turn off. It's possible that I put a place where the lantern is triggered to turn off on purpose, like it gets blown out, but don't remember doing so specifically.
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    I haven't found the broken lantern yet, but will check every light source in hidden areas as well as user lantern through the whole mission. Starting to go through and place missing clip brushes to areas where players can get stuck. Particularly where the floor has collapsed. Will add a door switch inside the (certain place) for those who re-frob the (certain item) and jump through the closing (certain thing). Either that or I will disable the switch after one use. I need to decide how cruel I want to be. A second switch will probably be best. Changing the tunnel texture near the end and (maybe) adding a few light sources in the tunnel. That dark rock is just a bit too dark and I don't want to increase ambient lighting. Since there are new textures and models, etc. available in recent years, I'll be looking into updating some things here and there. But I am fine with my "in progress" missions being sent to the mission downloader. The main goal was to add the openal audio support and re-compile with an updated TDM. Updated versions of Samhain and Siegeshop should be completed within a few weeks.
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    I'm going to go through Samhain, looking for outdated textures and things which can be improved upon. It's quite possible that I will do no more updates and have the recent version be the official. Once I have finished with Siegeshop updates I will look closer at Samhain.
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    I did make some urban pagans a few years back. But making new characters is a mammoth task that I don't see myself having time for in the future. I still have at least one more zombie variant to upload, but that's probably it from me.
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    One other very important source for inspiration: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_911 Look this video, it gives the answer to the question "Can a human lean safely while playing a videogame?" :
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    @Springheel Since you're killing it with new characters lately, what about some pagans?
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