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  1. It does affect Blender at least - I don't know if it affects anything else, since most of the 3D apps use DX on Windows.
  2. The issue is even more severe with BFG engine - AMD HD7850 runs at ~20fps, and GF 670 GTX runs at 60fps. Even on very basic scenes where there is nothing to render, AMD runs like a snail (that's regardless what shadowing method is used).
  3. Any news on this? I have my reservation about AMD ever fixing OpenGL driver. There is no incentive for them to do so, since 99% of AAA games run on DX9/10/11. Consoles use their own API or DX. So why should they fix it ? For my game I decided to drop official AMD support until AMD gets their head out of their ass, or until we implement ANGLE (OpenGL to DX11 wrapper) specifically to be used by AMD users on Windows.
  4. @greebo: It's odd - no issues with preview when either creating model or entity today (I was going to record a video for you). I guess it's more about OpenGL driver or something.
  5. Yeah, that's what I did. Although I don't do that when working on something Btw, I had a bug in pre6 last night where creating a model dialog shows my md5 model properly, but creating entity dialog doesn't show model at all (the entity I was placing was very basic func_animate with the same animated md5 model that shows fine in model creation dialog). Is it a known bug ?
  6. I still get the same issue in pre6. Is it the latest pre-release or the new one with the fix is still on the way? (sorry, lost track of updates :/ )
  7. I can reproduce the behavior 100%, spot on. There are 2 ways to replicate it. #1: Open DR, right-click, create light. Select light (Shift + LMB), drag it across the screen and while dragging press Space to duplicate. Either duplicate or original will immediately snap into original position. #2: Open DR, right-click, create light. Select light (Shift + LMB), drag it across the screen and while dragging press RMB, so that context menu shows up. Left-click somewhere to get out of it and left-click and drag on the selected light. It will snap to previous position. Now the fun fact - if you do #2, but instead of trying to drag light after you get out of right-click context menu you repeatedly click on the selected light with LMB, and then drag it - it will drag us usual, without snapping.
  8. In theory Fun fact - our engine (haven't tested pure BFG) runs equally bad on AMD HD2600 and AMD HD7850. Supposedly run fine on R9. Runs well on Intel GPUs (as well as it can run on Intel anyway) and runs just fine on Nvidia.
  9. Well, I got it done! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHQkkk2uhPI (never mind clock updating with the speed of light - it's for testing)
  10. Muahahaha Nah, I like tinker with the engine since I understand it better than anything else (it feels really odd using Blueprint - noodles all over the screen). It's just it can't match or even get close to UE4 / CE3 without serious rendering overhaul. I am not sure why folks get mad when I say that. It's just a bitter truth.
  11. What you are not saying is that you are dragging selected light and while you have LMB pressed, you hit Space to duplicate. That's the only way I get this issue. May I ask why would you even do that? Why not drag light / model into position, release LMB, duplicate, drag to another position, release LMB, duplicate, rinse / repeat.
  12. I sank 2 years of R&D and several thousand dollars into idTech 4 / BFG development. Plus I was already familiar with idTech engines, so I only needed to tweak my art pipeline to adopt idTech 4 / BFG. Plus we have a good chunk of gameplay code written. That's why I am using it. Once I am done and released, there is a good chance I move on away from open source engines (unless some miracle happens). If I knew Unity / UDK a bit, I'd probably never looked at idTech 4 / BFG (and that would be most likely a better path) and I'd go with either Unity or UE4. Thinking that old id Tech 4 can ever render like UE4 does is naive, at minimum. It seems that AMD purely hates idSoftware as neither of their engines, starting with idTech 4 work good on AMD. For example our engine runs at 60 fps on Nvidia, and 20 fps on equal AMD GPU (and otherwise slightly more powerful PC than the one that runs Nvidia GPU). BFG, RAGE, Wolf TNO, Evil Within - AMD doesn't run them well, even powerful models.
  13. Sometimes I wonder what you guys do to make these obscure issues happening :/ I followed the instructions in the bug report and I can't repro snapping back.
  14. Epic is extremely awesome now. Not only UE4 runs on Linux, the tools run too. And you get access to the full source code (although most likely you aren't gonna touch it). My point is either use TDM / idTech 4 as is, or use something else that is designed to run with the features you want.
  15. Check this one first: www.iddevnet.com/doom3/ to get an idea about the concepts of the idTech 4 and the now defunct ModWiki
  16. Check Unreal Engine 4 - it's only $20 and it does everything you want and more
  17. Tested, works indeed, thanks! Just doesn't draw any particles for me in render lighting mode since my particles use shaders. I wonder if animation should be playing (on md5 models) too.
  18. Not for a single image. I would work for .pk4 or .resources or .exe, but I don't think it works for images.
  19. You don't need a monster machine to author megatextures. The issue is with download size of the updates, since the entire megatexture needs to be updated. The point of megatexture not only to have unique, non-repetitive look, but also to free designer/artist from technical aspects of it - simply paint away on the level in real-time, worry not about some quirky material setup and whatnot. This technology is really good for streaming, when all the updates are done on the server and end-user doesn't have to worry about downloading 10Gb updates. But, we'll see what future holds, when id Tech 6 comes out
  20. You are reading me right - id Tech 5 (at least RAGE iteration, the original undiluted work of idSofware) is a step backward. However, Megatexures v2.0 are quite nice - you get almost no repetitive textures. id Tech 5 seen is Evil Within is quite different engine, with a lot of middleware shoved into it. That one has dynamic lighting, but it's not unified light and shadow model seen in id Tech 4. There isn't anything revolutionary in id Tech 5. Check out Tesseract engine: Perhaps its real-time GI and shadows can be used in TDM.
  21. It doesn't, if done correctly. Almost not a single modern game uses cubemap with 7 FBO bindings for omni lights. It uses atlased cubemap, which only takes 2 FBO bindings. We used that old shadow mapping technique in Storm Engine 2 and it sucks. It's still better than shadow volumes in a sense that shadowing is decoupled from geometry's polycount, but it's much slower than unrolled cubemaps for omni lights
  22. id Tech 5 is basically more advanced id Tech 3 - nothing is dynamic, everything is baked. So there is no real-time soft shadows there. Darkplaces engine has quite a different architecture (and no cascaded shadow maps for parallel lights) and using its code would be problematic in id Tech 4.
  23. So I gave a spin to 2.0.2pre5 and I don't have "select all behind" issue. After watching Bikerdude's video I don't see how madly clicking back and forth the same brushes is a realistic scenario in production. I did get slight lag 3D view when resizing brush in Ortho view, but I never noticed it until it was pointed out. While I understand people wanting to have absolutely bug free app, it's not feasible to achieve, and I think the focus and energy are better spent on more critical bugs/issues and features that increase productivity I have a few questions of my own. I noticed that play button (above 3D view, green triangle) doesn't do anything at all. I see frames counter advancing in 3D view when play is pressed, but nothing happens at all. What is it for anyway? It also doesn't look like ambient lighting works when render lighting preview is activated. I am not sure if it ever worked, I didn't really use lighting render preview much.
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