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  1. And then I shall be really creative and get me a cat avatar; or some fine chick!; or one of those crazy memes the kids (the crazy cool unique ones, thousands of them there are) are using in these crazy times.
  2. I agonized over mine for many hours. Those many hours turned into days. And nights. I thought I'd do something original like use something from some "classic" game... something "classic" yet obscure, esoteric, arcane! And then. I thought better of it. It was all a dream. No hours or days or nights a'tall! Just a blipping blip as a blip is what is to be expected. Until tomorrow. Or the next day. Or.
  3. Christ. You're such a fucking weaselly little drip, dude. You make some good FMs and extra little innovations -- they appeal to me in the top two as far as that goes... But you are in many other ways such a fucking weaselly little drip. If you are sorry for telling Tels to "fuck off" (in a weaselly way, btw), then tell him so. Calling for this lets-bury-everything-under-the-rug is so childish. This all happened. Much was said. Apparently much of it needed to be said. Pretending it didn't happen is just so amazingly stupid... So stupid that I'll bet you it'll happen.
  4. OFFS! There is no doubt that the I18n work is extremely valuable. It doesn't even need explaining. Anybody who doesn't understand this is far beyond stupid. I don't believe anyone here is quite that stupid. And there is no doubt that Tels has put a lot of work into it. I have witnessed this from the outside. It's been hard to miss. And there is no doubt that anyone who wants to question the worth of such work (especially after all these months) is being an fucking asshole on the issue.
  5. Nice, but I always think with the way zombies generally (and certainly in TDM) are so brutally powerful with their strikes that they should have bigger, more powerful looking arms.
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