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  1. Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being

  2. there is some software can do this..but lets listen and identify...maybe can fix it without the source wav..why not..
  3. I can fix it the looping problems "no big deal"but you must find the wav source 1st..
  4. Ok...I got it ..anything hitting on the: 1-floor 2-carpet -Lots of collision sounds. Ok guys lets go and make some noise Btw:about audio license I'll make my audio away from the sound libraries on the internet , away from any other audio companies .although I have license of dvd's but I'll make my own audio especially for the mod..I think that's better for everybody. link not working....it's alert window appear tell me darkmod.homelinux.com uses an invalid security certificate. !!
  5. Hello ...everyone,all team, Long time no see guys....,I have more time now until finish this mod So,what should I do now..??
  6. Ok...I have already difference conversation (loop) Amb city.and I'll try to make the rest.tacking some time fluttering of several moths around a light ....I like it
  7. Hello, Springheel...seems to me I'm here to make nothing until now.. !! I have MY sound effect...and you can use it for free... just tell me exactly what you need.??
  8. http://www.myspace.com/shadowsneaker Yes good amb and cool atmosphere too.... Btw: -=(i suggest b4 write any music for darkmod must play it first)=-
  9. Np....i have video tutorial for reason 3 and 4 "ASKVideo" if you want it just tell me and i'll drop RS.links by Pm to you.
  10. comp-music


    Hello everybody, I'm very happy to back here again,I used Reason from long time and i made it via reason some amb,i think scary amb.....just tell me how i can help you...
  11. "Schatten" maybe know....
  12. Hi guys Could you please upload it??
  13. comp-music

    New FS

    Hi everybody, First of all i take some time to sure from this samples sources.here stone,metal,carpet and wood Fs 8 files variety for each sample. 2-i need to KNOW who made this Fs list because i decided to make the proceedings prosecuted internationally Are you want fs for CLOTH?and can i know the cloth location plz "in the floor"Or "in the air"If in the floor "NO" big differance between cloth and carpet.If in the Air i can't imagine the sound. who can? -mud,dirt what the differance between them?,snow and ice?? ceramic??does not make sense to me or misunderstand.confirm plz. Bye
  14. I'm so sorry since 11-2007,i did't noticed,ok i will -soon
  15. Good realy nice. thanx,i'm just too busy in my work but i still working on stuff i have already some old and new stuff done i can upload it any time. Bye
  16. Hi everyone, Here the latest t2 fan mission,the good thing here is we can choose the player style b4 we play. Why we did't develop this idea and we can use it ,Anyway if anybody interested the link below should work fine btw: i working with material list since long time <almost done> realy huge http://www.thiefmissions.com/download.cgi?m=DanceWithTheDead Bye
  17. HI Baddcog You can start from here but don't expect good result (just my opinion) http://www.mp3-converter.com/mp3_converter_freeware.htm http://www.dirfile.com/freeware/convert.htm http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/gmm/fwaudiocodec.html http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Best/ogg-encode-free.html http://www.brothersoft.com/downloads/ogg-freeware.html http://www.freesoft411.com/freeware/mp3-converter.html http://www.mymusictools.com/free/ogg-converter.htm if you need more just tell me
  18. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOTHER'S AROUND THE WORLD Hi Dram ,Thanx .......... "No" You can use one of them,OR you can use it all of them like a random in game.and in this case i can revariation the "wrong pin" to adjustment with pin sound "Sure there are a different types of locks"
  19. HI,sparhawk All this because my network>.. I can't believe it..........anyway everything now seems normal Bye
  20. Oh my GOD i'm so sorry i'll re upload it again this is my fault
  21. Hi sparhawk,everybody I'm sorry i was late my network was down,and still i was edit pin succeed file ,i must go now.......... Bey
  22. Not long time i have already made one since i read your post i'll upload it today -15-different pin sound >>>>>>>>>>Done (we can still use the good samples from the old pin) -pin wrong -wrong lockpick anything Else?
  23. >>>I was heard the lockpick sounds (thanx Greebo for post) most samples have effect,that's mean difference sound between in game and outside the game.BUt still one thing,are you talking about this problem with "NH" or "Schatten"? Or any who the charge to add the sound files in game? i have 3 ways about that 1- i can edit with the old pin sound As I Can Possible to remove any effects and i must mention we maybe LOST some a bit sound from the WAVE line itself.>> 2-we can work together between edit the old pin sound and make new if necessary. 3-create all new. depending on.
  24. Hi everybody, here the new amb,i try when i made it close to world of myth and some scary too by melody or rhythm with melody some times so i hope it works,"little"of these samples "loops" So if we need exactly sample(s) to "loops" just let me know Bye
  25. i was made already one,!!i can edit or even create something else But the same time i can't make anything new b4 i hear the 14 pin sounds. btw:Can i see the LoCkpiCk maybe "greebo" can post it
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