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  1. Thought this might interest some of you here - there's a PnP RPG on Kickstarter right now called Project Dark that's supposedly able to closely emulate stealth games. Other things of note: - Card-based mechanics in combination with dice - Optimised for 1-2 player-characters Also based on a brief exchange, it seems the developer's a fan of PC stealth games like Thief. Project looks pretty cool overall, and although I haven't played any games that use cards for conflict resolution, the pitch has me intrigued, if only because running a game set in the Thief world sounds awesome. Too bad existing backers won't get a copy of the rules until March Edit - oh yeah, link here:
  2. Sorry to digress, but I realized you're on the Soldak forums too! Would be fun to see you try a Let's Play of Drox Operative
  3. Played some St Lucia and so far it feels a lot more polished compared to 1.07. Can't really pinpoint individual improvements as it's been a while since I last played, but the feel is definitely smoother and aside from one AI issue with doors, a mismatch in floor textures and footsteps (though that's probably the FM itself), and rarely getting stuck between the edges of brushes and objects, everything else feels professionally done up.
  4. Yes it is. Didn't see the harm in it but I've removed it anyhow.
  5. Wish I could contribute more than alpha/beta testing heh. Much respect to those who have helped the project grow over the years. (removed brofist and an irrelevant chunk of the post)
  6. True. Didn't see that side of it in the spur of the moment, sorry.
  7. I am - and have always been - very impressed by TDM. For me, TDM represents a step up in the stealth sub-genre (though Dishonored actually comes very close to it). I've been watching the progress of the mod on and off, and though I may not have been as involved with the community as much as others around here, including the core team and FM makers, I believe TDM has the potential to be so much more than just a TC/toolbox. Given that the team is now pushing for a standalone release, what do people think of using crowdfunding to produce a new IP based off the Dark Mod engine? The money would be used to pay for the commercial usage of the license, as well as to produce the game itself (i.e. salary for the developers). There aren't many good stealth games on the PC that properly make use of lighting. Knowing little about Thi4f and therefore putting it aside, we only have Dishonored. Even DX:HR doesn't really qualify in this sense. Such a shame to see a scarcity of stealth games that are slow and methodical, and it's unlikely in the near future that anyone will venture a game like that. I don't know about the rest of you, but I would pay really good money for a successor to The Metal Age (or Deadly Shadows, which I admit I did enjoy too), and the TDM engine is perfectly suited to this.
  8. Trying to find my Doom 3 CDs right now as I'm typing this You sexy, sexy people. Btw do I still have to patch Doom 3 to the latest version?
  9. I haven't followed this thread, so pardon me if anything stated here has already been mentioned before On some maps with more manipulable objects, it is easy to trap the AI by blocking their routes with larger objects such as barrels and haystacks. Perhaps the AI can "bypass" this by having objects thrown/moved out of their path when the AI comes into contact with them? I'm also sure this has been mentioned before, especially in arguments on leaning forward + blackjacking enemies like in T1/2, but it's also quite difficult to register a proper blackjack hit on an enemy. I haven't been blackjacking them enough to determine where their "hitboxes" are, but it definitely feels a lot less intuitive than in the first two Thief games (and Deadly Shadows too I think). I mostly ghost in TDM.
  10. I played the Penumbra series and Amnesia a few months ago, and I really like the night vision used in those games. Basically when you go into a dark place, your eyes slowly adapt to it, and ambiance increases slightly with a bluish tint on your screen. Perhaps it might be a good alternative to kicking up the gamma/brightness in certain darker maps. Not sure what the community thinks of this idea. Any comments? Here's what it looks like in Amnesia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loSzpvq73FY - at 0:20, when he kills the light, he immediately becomes bathed in darkness, but over a very short interval of about 2 seconds, his vision adapts to the darkness and there's a blue ambient light covering the environment for a short distance.
  11. My CPU is an AMD64 X2 4200+, 2 gb RAM, but GPU is a 7300LE. Let me know if you would like me to alpha test for you.
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