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  1. Why cant Mr Russel mumble a few lines in skype)) Thus recorded they could be implemented in TDM If there would be 100 lines, i think such deed subject to some form of compensation Kickstarter "Help us fund Mr Russel for 100 lines" sounds weird, but there is things ever weirder, so why not to try)) Acctually, how much would it take for 100 lines? Contact his agent and ask? Or even "Help us fund for Eric Brosious quick-15-seconds-and-looped-intro for TDM menu screen" It would attract some media attention imho thus TDM would appear the bearer of true Thief-series spirit, and new Thief-game would be compared against, thus media coverage)) this is essence of thief-series http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=cHyPS6b4thQ
  2. Found solution to non 90-degree rooms - make a 90 box of a room and rotate to any angle. Room is stiil square though
  3. Got TDM crash once when accidently clipped skybox brush into two triangles with caulk between them, took some pretty time to find out
  4. Redone walls and it did it. I've noticed its easier to rebuild then fix. Its overlapping, crude but it works
  5. No, i got one huge skybox area and entire map is within How bad is overlapping brushes? I mean substract often leaves gaps and leaks If portal not visible - it means area leaking?
  6. Hey somehow i managed to seal this room)) Now the next one is un sealed((
  7. so sealing depends on brush thickness?? Red visportal is red because next room is sealed ok Will try thicken the walls
  8. Thank you Sotha! How seal non-90 degrees room? Looks like seams are messsd up. I got similar problems in other areas. What is best to do? Overlap seams? Pointfile leakpoint? Thanks! Noticed just now the other side of room wall became transparent))
  9. How to make two AI talk all the time?
  10. Signed as well| we all should
  11. How to make two AI play cards? Thanks!
  12. How to hang frobable lantern on the beam or something? So it would not fall, and player would be able to frob it from the air into inventory?
  13. How to create indoor volumetric lightbeam with moving dust particles? And how to create color glass light texture on the floor? Thanks!
  14. Great samples! Especially "Old man" one.
  15. Working on mission, adding wood to stone. This is small tavern,
  16. how to rotate furnuture not 90 degrees? Otherwise it's all too lined up
  17. Same texture - thats on purpose) Lights is yet to be done( Anyways geometry is 90% done and its looking pretty good, oldschool good) Time for lights and furniture, more chairs! as for detail --looks like portaling streets is more of a mission imossible, so adding detail will drop performance below 29 at some places(( More bothered what to do with all empty interior spaces. will try place some more chairs here and there)
  18. sovled! Delete google service from autoboot and reboot Got this issue once more. Went through forums. and did found what was causing it - somehow opened Photoshop itercepts Ecs pressing. Closed it and Esc is working again
  19. is there a way to reconfig this key? Its impossible to return to menu with this issue. Maybe some console command to toggle menu? Addin key in drakmod.cfg to "togglemenu" doesnot help(
  20. Thats the point! At these prices theres no point to bother torrent theese games for free but with no multiplayer enabled.So yeah, worth trying
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