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  1. @Moonbo, it's hosting issue maybe @Obsttorte, will see to that closer to completion @Pusanka, no loot yet but there will be
  2. Is it normal that switch frobs through wall?
  3. That's the point - Life of the Party IS rooftop mission so its about roofs. The question is however about any regular city mission
  4. Did find out that roofs are quite accessible. So seal roofs or not? NOTE: its about any regular city mission. NOT Life Of the Party style.
  5. Cadavr Express Anyone? How bout start simple and fast( .map file links)
  6. Those street moonlights are hungry, got to trow it it out too. Will try to simulate one with blueish ambient and shadow-shaded patches. A little break helps to regroup. Or adding ambient sounds- takes no effort but gives lots of fun. Adding AI makes fm alive and is fast. Also switching to interiors or otherwise, switching to another part of the map. Also a little progress is still progress. Small day to day brushwork will do its trick well!
  7. Quite an admirer of your work myself! I got some trouble with this reflective floor tile so it loooks not as supposed to. Maybe marble will do will see
  8. Luckily I have to scale thing down and not up
  9. It happens mirror shader behaves quite strange when applied to large areas with many lights Mirroring appears only on some angles and while crouching, even partially What can be done if anything?
  10. How to scale model in DarkRadiant? Found it http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Rescaling,_Resizing,_Models_in_Dark_Radiant#Method_of_Rescaling_Models
  11. The user-made models for thief? Yeah, some links would not hurt! Probaly will need creator consent and thats all
  12. A! Have to move this one vp out a bit or glass turns black.
  13. Arg: set _color on flame Value: rgbvalue Should do, if not check wiki on Lights
  14. What if rules are strictier, like chain of closed small rooms. One makes one room, than another aurthor makes se cond room no style related and so on.. could be fun Even more, each room contain hidden key to the next.. And each room no larger tha this and that px Or there could be two or four doors, and people making fast chunky rooms with doors where they like. Details are secondary. So it would be maze-like
  15. I got that message for an old ATI and that was overheating. Ended up with new cooler, with tubes and such. Heating was gone, fan noise was gone. And alerts were gone. Cooler was cheap. Thermo grease even cheeper. New grease and removing dust balls from cooler ribs should drop temperature by 10-15 C° What temperature now on idle and under load? Does videocard fan starts to noise under load?
  16. Darkcraft? Sounds fun! How shall we begin?
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