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  1. Hi there! Is there any basic dust particle anywhere around 1.08 ? And another, how to change color of sfx/colored_light_rays? Many thanks!
  2. How to use Shadow shader correctly to make shadows? (used it on patch, converted to funcStatic, supposed to ber a shadow under the table - it didnt wiork out)
  3. TDM 2.0 on Greenlight - great!
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCeIXgl8xdQ lots of chairs, love that add some guards and thats it!
  5. It has light-o-meter, like in thief, only it has only two states - hidden and not so hidden. But surely no mapkit, thats sad
  6. And "Don't shoot indians! And if you did- don't gamble afterwards! These things don't mix"
  7. They have weekend discount on some random old or indie title (50-75% off) and week sale (25%). Some games came with preorder of other. There is great chance that game-series will go for 75% off or older games came with preorder or sale of new one (like they did with bioshock Infinite - got b1 and b2 free)
  8. I will buy it too someday
  9. It has stealth too! Instead of gushing torches player put oil lanterns out and unsrews light bulbs. And stunning visuals! Too bad its short and the story is not my flavor, and its not rpg like fallout 3.
  10. Too much shooting, otherwise gorgeous!
  11. Good! Why not just push sides up against, so street would be narrow, and shuffle houses a bit, so there would'nt be a straight line
  12. It does happen, true. Closing and reopening does help. I think its rather a feature, discovered many interesting materials that way
  13. Lights are cool, literally! Street is about too even, but lights are terrific
  14. Quite so, and upload some texture stuff too
  15. can i get username/password to access our SVN server?
  16. Great shots indeed! Methinks, will the leering be there goodly sir, like polished poles with red velvet chain? And pieces of armor on the walls, shiny
  17. someTaff


    I mean port it somehow. Theese days phones are quite capable of running 3d
  18. I wonder what's their media plan. Like post on FB every 2 days till summer gamescon, then reveal gameplay video - another round of gamemag reviews... and so on
  19. Its like heavy lacker on oak, allthrough never seen no heavy lacker on oak. Will turn specular down a bit
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