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  1. Coolest torch! TDM conversion maybe?
  2. It will make it to TDM no doubt about it! Just too few assets to upload for now, will biuld up and then sublit a pack F i this door need s framing and handles and so on
  3. It works witn mirrorRenderMap well! This is regular marble with slight normal dents on surface And this this reflective mirrorRenderMap marble floor, with no normals on tile side Found opacity level best between 0.2-0.3 Should find another surface sound for that, like super-loud echoing clonck-clonck
  4. Hard to believe it will end in vain, such media coverage for demo... thief dp have began with bafford demo too. Anyways they got 100 men and 1,5 years so hope they will make it. Since they got working prototype the rest will follow
  5. someTaff


    Funny thing, is it even possible to launch thief games on android? I mean it is Linux right. Or maybe convert it to Unity 3D and then to android Redo controls to touch Is it even legal?
  6. Cool! So AI gets updated comparing to 1.08?
  7. Its placeholder material for now, no UV no nothing. Figuring out the lights to match the look, and then will be textures. Or the other way around) Interesting how Blender evolved these days. Learned about node compositing a little the other day. Such a powerfull tool and no need for pirating it, amazing.
  8. Not even close still i have high hopes for Blender
  9. Let there be light! Love the last shot, especially roof. Is it custom texture?
  10. @simplen00b there will be a grime later and rust too and may be 3d text (the dark mod words)?
  11. Closer every day) cogs are placeholders @elwing, since TDM logo dated 2009, safe to presume it was inspiration for pictore above
  12. Found this image, dated 2011
  13. Found SVG by rich, so continuing as a WIP thread) Pretty much nothing yet, will post further Its in Blender, hope to render enourmous king-size image and finish in Photoshop BTW i need logo font!
  14. That real transluceny thing is great for thin curtain! Like thete is a window, and its curtained and there is some character and light lamp behind - to the effect of a silhuette visible from the street.Cool!
  15. Look at this) http://forums.nexusm...ess-dark-mod-1/ Methinks TDM capable of models no worse than that in terms of leather details, hard metal surfaces and such But how to simulate skin scattering? TDM man-skin looks like piece of painted wood. Is there a may to to implement or simlulate SSS, like self-illuminate a bit? Edit: checked Wiki, its called SUBsurface scattering, my bad
  16. No, they do full color print now
  17. Well have we logo or not? 8) Luckly you don't need vector to print on tshirt theese days, all u need is A4 72dpi jpg And it costs about 0,75 $ incuding tshirt Correction, white tshirts Will find out about blacks It would be qute a task to redraw that cockwork So comon, where did it hid? )
  18. Hehe, muuug. Two of them better, DR by left hand and TDM by the right)
  19. This will do, thanks! However not for print or a t-shirt( I'd like to print TDM t-shirt, hope to redraw into A4-print size
  20. Glass? Will look to it. Can one change cubemaps for reflection as it with skin? There is cubemap creation method in Doom3, so its looks like an option.
  21. As super-polished marble floor that is
  22. Do we have big tdm logo file, like HD-size, on black background? With the Clock! and with alpha
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