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  1. It'll probably just be easier to include it in the materials folder. Thank you for all this future-proofing work!
  2. Glad you enjoyed it datiswous, and thank you again for the subtitles! Most of those bugs you found are just simple mistakes I made (or are inherent in the mod), but the two related to light textures are bugs that were introduced due to the game updating - you can see the proper textures on earlier let's plays. Alas, thankfully they're not too bad.
  3. Hah! Well, if anyone wants to fix this and any other bugs they have my blessing too!
  4. I think I mentioned it before, but I'm 100% fine if someone wants to re-dmap and upload the corrected version of the map :-).
  5. If anyone wants to re-dmap the file and upload it to the official server you have my blessing :-). Same w/ subtitles.
  6. A review of the game from a YouTube channel I follow :
  7. Hey chakkman, glad you're enjoying the mission! The safe is def in the same room as the journal. I'm writing from my phone and forget how to tag things as spoilers, so if you still can't find it I'll be more explicit. But, check low to the ground :).
  8. Hey Stephan, So, as to why I abandoned the octahedron method, it was mainly because Unity's dynamic lights are really expensive from a performance perspective. If you have more than one or two on-screen at any given time performance starts to tank. Most Unity games get around this by mixing up dynamic lighting with baked lightmaps + light probes to light up dynamic objects. But that would mean having to create two separate lighting detection models: a octahedron-esque system for dynamic lights, and a "raycast down to get lighting info from lightmaps" for baked lights (which is what the original Thief games did). And then what about light probes? I would probably include their impact in my dynamic lighting stream, but then I would need to be REAAALY sure that I had placed all my light probes the right way in every instance to make sure that they were properly lighting up my octahedron. So it was a choice of sticking with either just dynamic lights (poor performance) or just baked lighting and not have any light probes, which didn't match with my vision for the game. Thankfully, my game is 2D which meant that rolling a custom solution that I could tailor for ease of getting lighting data wasn't overwhelming. What I ended up doing was making all the lights in my game actual meshes (something like this: but I generate them using an optimized clipping algorithm instead of blasting out raycasts. It's then just a matter of checking the uv coordinates of all light meshes at the player's location. This turned out to be a really fast calculation, so worked out well in the end :-). Here's some footage of the system in action - the little circle indicator above the player's head shows their visibility, a mix of their movement speed and lights hitting them: Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions! -Gelo
  9. Technically what I would ask is: "someone modified several of your textures and shared them on a forum. Is it okay if I use them, or do I need to download and modify those textures from your website myself?" And honestly, given the website owner has responded positively in the past he might just respond positively here.
  10. Oh you're absolutely right that Xorax is technically violating the terms of the license by sharing derivative textures, but these clauses are there to stop people from downloading and redistributing as a competitor (thus the 'competing product' language), which isn't Xorax's intention. It does depend on how prickly the rights holder is, so if there is a concern I would reach out just to make sure.
  11. I'd focus on "as a competing product" part, which I'd argue this isn't. But you could clear it with him if it's a serious worry.
  12. I honestly wouldn't be too worried about that. While it is technically a 'redistributed texture pack', that license term is meant to stop people from repackaging and *selling* the textures, which isn't the case here.
  13. Hey all, I just noticed on the TTLG forums that Xorax released a large (1600+) set of textures for public use. I browsed through them and they match well with TDM. While they don't have normal maps, I'd still recommend giving them a once-over. Here's the TTLG thread: https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=151606
  14. Hey Acolytesix, The heart should be towards the back of the attic - here's a playthrough vid at about the right timestamp: Let me know if you still need help finding it!
  15. Thanks ZergRush and Roygato! It's got the same top-down perspective as Darkwood but it's not horror, more of a mystery. If you got through A House of Locked Secrets, you'll be fine here - much less scary :-). -Gelo
  16. Hey guys, You might remember me for a pair of FMs I put out a few years back (Requiem, A House of Locked Secrets). While I've never been a prolific poster, I've been a pretty consistent lurker and am still helping out a few mission makers with readables/briefings. In turn, a few members of the community have helped beta test an an indie game I've been working on that's influenced by the Thief series. It's a 2D stealth game called Shade, where you play as a ghost who has to uncover his killer. I've finished up a free playable demo that will be in Steam's upcoming demo festival. Just to make sure everything is working properly, I've quietly made the demo public today. I think if you liked my previous work, you'll like this too, so I wanted to drop a little heads-up here :-). Just to reiterate, this is a free demo, not the full game, which is still a while off. Here's a link to the page in case you're interested: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1461150/Shade/ Thanks, and I hope you like it! -Gelo
  17. Hey Darkness, Sorry you're having some issues with the mission! As for the getting-stuck section ... yeah, I tried hard to avoid those but I guess that one got through (there was one in Requiem too). As for the crash, if you look a few posts up this thread, it looks like someone had a similar crash. It's going to be fixed in the next version of TDM, but the temporary solution is to cycle through your inventory before using the holy symbol. Let me know if that works :-). -Gelo
  18. Hey stgatilov, Thanks for figuring out the issue, and I'm glad you're enjoying the mission! The scripting was mostly done by SteveL and Obsttorte so they get all the props for that :-). -Gelo
  19. Hey BumblingThief, I haven't played on 2.08 but I'm guessing it has to be something that broke with the update. Does anyone on the dev team know if this is a common issue? -Gelo
  20. Good catch - something to keep in mind for the future I guess. -Gelo
  21. Yes, but very barely. Feel free to turn off shadows on the curtain and see what happens :-). -Gelo
  22. Hey Duzenko, The only thing I can think of is that there is a hidden room under that carpet - possibly something in there is causing the glitch? -Gelo
  23. Hey Duzenko, Glad you liked the mission :-). -Gelo
  24. Don't know if this has been posted, but there's a popular Twitch streamer (Tomato Gaming) who's done a couple of livestreams of TDM missions. Here's a Youtube archive of the ones he's done so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOiTQjyPiqo2L2Y8ur2A-Cixv0nT1yzOa If he's streamed one of your missions, I'd definitely recommend tracking down the related Twitch stream, since it's a lot of fun to watch the chat reactions.
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