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  1. I happened upon this picture; note that it is rather large at 3.4 MB. But there is a lot detail, if you look closely you will find many nice little things.
  2. A website with a quick glance at the data: http://www.climatedata.info/forcing/gases/carbon-dioxide/ Here the c(CO2) of the past: I see a pattern here comparable to that of plastics-pollution of the oceans: Almost all of it stems from China and India, while Western populations are led to believe/feel the West is the leading polluter, using this lie then as a pretext to necessitate higher taxes (and bans of plastics, like the ridiculous plastic straw ban in California, which does nothing but soothe "liberal minds" and adds costs to Western consumers): https://www.scientificamer
  3. Here, have a quote from one of the experts at the core of the issue:
  4. This man is a legend, and one of the "Super Jews" I learned much from. Clarity of thought combined with depth of explanation. Sorry, I messed this up; this video (5 minutes short) is about Wealth redistribution
  5. I think that should be of interest to some some of you: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-10-04/the-big-hack-how-china-used-a-tiny-chip-to-infiltrate-america-s-top-companies That's China's effort. Most of you probably know about the already public US' efforts due to traitor's info-leaks, but it's related information so I'll post it, too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSA_ANT_catalog https://nsa.gov1.info/dni/nsa-ant-catalog/ https://www.eff.org/files/2014/01/06/20131230-appelbaum-nsa_ant_catalog.pdf So far for software security patches for trying to get some m
  6. May I suggest two different kinds of keyhole-based reconnaissance? The naked-eye-peeking-through version seems already established and is nicely quaint - a keyhole-shaped shroud - and useful enough. But there could easily be a more advanced version for a more professional thief based on an advanced tool, something like a periscope - after all, DM's steam punk elements already have a lot of tech, including a looking glass/scope; the more advanced tool would be a short thin tube with a mirror shard on its one end, and a lens on the other. The tube would be used on the door, put through the ke
  7. I'm bringing this thread up because I happened on a piece of information I think is highly relevant and instructive regarding Sotha's OP question about survival preparedness; it appears to be valuable advice on what to expect during civilizational breakdown based on genuine experience from the breakdown of the UdSSR/Bosnia between 1992 and 1995. The picture is somewhat large, so I put it in here: Further, climate change may not be all that terrible, after all - at least the rising CO2 concentration has lead to a global growth spurt of trees: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/ca
  8. A Hungarian firm specializing in digital 3D reconstructions of historical buildings and landscapes. Lots of images of old Hungarian castles and chateaus with many details and design ideas based on real historic examples. http://pazirik.hu/en/
  9. Because it seems to me many here do not question the honesty of the scientific process, just let me add a study I happened to come about just today: More: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/23/health/obesity-malaysia-nestle.html https://www.bmj.com/content/362/bmj.k3472.full https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/07/18/629575118/medicaid-under-the-influence-how-drugmakers-sway-medication-options-for-patients Beware those scientific studies -- most are wrong, researcher warns https://www.yahoo.com/news/beware-those-scientific-studies-most-wrong-researcher-warns-164336076.html
  10. It's not quite that simple. Chances that scientists report fabricated or misleading findings rise with the economic and political impact of their subject of study. Fraud and misleading studies are less likely in scientific fields of "hard science", in which any other scientists easily and quickly can attempt to confirm or disconfirm a finding just by trying to recreate an experiment. Conversely, cheating and fraud can be expected to happen in fields where the exact recreation of an experiment is impossible (e.g. medicine, when it is impossible to redo the exact same experimental setting with
  11. This is true already and has been for a long time. Humans end up in the earth or being converted into ash; most of their bodily matter is released into soil and groundwater, as well as the air. If you cremate a human body (which should today be the most common means of getting rid of, quite literally, human waste) 90% or so of it is released into the air as CO2 and water. Both substances are taken up by plants to produce nutrients, which animals and humans eat. Estimating the degree of distribution of such ex-human bodily matter in the air, we are all currently breathing in or eating up qui
  12. I also think that I would be prone for severe depression if I would perceive the world without values, selflessness, friendship, justice, morals, and all the other good stuff that makes life worth living. So, looks like we live in different worlds and that's fine. I'll prefer my side of thinking as it seems to me more... beautiful. Doesn't this mean that you perceive reality through a filter, so you see a prettified illusion instead of reality? I am not sure what the benefit would be in obtaining even more cynical and cruel perception of the same world. Not cynical. Precise, truthful. Attemp
  13. I just remembered this argument: Do you want to exist? Do you think it is "right" that you exist? Do you condemn rape or murder? If yes, if one of your ancestors raped and murdered to make you exist today, do you feel like you should not exist or even kill yourself for your moral convictions? If you think no, then what if somebody today murders and rapes to produce offspring in competition for reproduction with other humans? Should the resultant child be killed? Because, it is an "immorally" produced child? I conclude from this that only success matters, and all morals is just illusion
  14. Than you will be glad soon. See, plastics and hydrocarbon fuels are made from fossil oil and gas and coal because it is cheapest currently; you can't beat just digging up coal and burn it or putting a pipe in the ground and having oil and gas flowing out freely economically. You need to discern the energetic and the elemental (atomic) requirements. For decades we have the technology to synthesize hydrocarbons from air - because C and O and H are there as CO2, O2, and water vapor H20. There are a great many of ways to do this, you may google methanol from air fuel from air For one concrete pape
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