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  1. Witcher 3 budget was split 50/50 between production and marketing. It will be probably be similar here.

    I finished CP2077 yesterday. Still need to check remaining endings. It's a fantastic game. It's not perfect. It may not be the best RPG ever, best shooter ever, best stealth game ever, best sandbox ever, best story ever. Whatever, I had a great time, even with occasional bugs. One can definitely see the amount of work put in it. Story is shorter than Witcher 3, there's some filler in form of sidegigs, which are very similar to each other. On the other hand combination of stealth and action is great.  Most buildings have multiple doors and windows one can enter through. Some can be entered through roof, especially once you get legs cyberware that let's you jump higher. There are dozens of those, but they are small. I would prefer less but more complex maps. Other thing I'm not a fan of is looting and crafting, which are similar to Witcher 3.

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  2. After 14 hours spent in the game I finished the prologue. I'm playing on GeForce Now (bought a subscription for a month). Usually game starts quickly, but from time to time one has to wait in a queue. One time it took very long, but changing server in settings helped. There's some video compression, but it's not bad. Chroma subsampling makes small menu fonts a little less sharp.

    I haven't got any crashes or show stoppers so far. There are glitches in this game for sure, mostly visual like missing animations. It can spoil the experience a little bit. I saw a major character play idle animation after they where killed. Kinda creepy. Or a character failing to holster weapon during cut scene resulting in him holding multiple objects in the hand. There's plenty of movable objects in the game, which is great. Problem is there are stacks of objects that sometimes will shake or even explode when player enters the area and physics kick in. Sometimes objects break a bit to quickly when player or an NPC push them. I saw cars trash into stuff making objects fly over the place.

    Cyberpunk has almost identical structure as Witcher 3. You have monster contracts (here it's contracts for cyberpsychos), you have bandit camps (here it's gangs). Looting is the same as Witcher which can brake the immersion a little bit. Realistic graphics and first person perspective are very immersive, just walking around gives me this unsettling feeling of being lost in a big city. But the world is littered with randomized loot. There are futuristic high tech containers in the middle of the busy street, you open it and you find one guitar pick. There are health boosters everywhere. You quickly end up with dozens of machine guns and pistols which you can dismantle on the fly for crafting components. I have to fight myself to not to pick up every ashtray and soda can. It's very gamey just like Witcher, just here it may be a little bit more jarring then in a tpp fantasy game.

    So far quests can be finished in multiple ways. I had very different outcomes to missions they showed in previews. I try to play stealthily, which takes longer. You can't pick up and throw objects, but you can distract enemies by hacking different devices. Game doesn't have separate nonlethal weapons but it has nonlethal weapon mods, which I haven't tried yet. You sneak by crouching. There's no leaning, except when you aim with a gun from behind the cover you will lean automatically. Enemies aren't very forgiving, they spot you pretty quickly at least on hard difficulty and when you alert one guard whole base is alerted.

    So far it's been addictive, but I think I would advice to wait. They said there will be another hotfix this week and bigger patches in January and February. The game needs polishing for sure.

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  3. They started patching it. 1.04 just came out fixing some progress-blocking bugs. They also toned down flashing lights during 'braindance' people were complaining about. I'm yet to play it. I want to upgrade my PC, but now I'm thinking about playing it on Geforce Now before I do that.

    When Witcher 3 came out PC gamers were complaining that the game was downgraded with consoles in mind. Now console gamers complain that you need high end PC to run CP2077.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Xolvix said:

    I'm of the understanding that B&W is intended to be played afterwards and it's basically another game of sorts, so that's good to look forward to.

    Have you played Hearts of Stone?

  5. Came out two days ago. “Stuck in a moment you can’t get out of”; directed by Kevin Godley, filmed in Los Angeles in November 2000:

    From U2’s website:


    Over the next year the band’s music video catalogue will be remastered in HD and launched exclusively on YouTube in that format. (…) best known music videos upgraded to HD for the first time ever, up to 4K quality when possible.

    Yesterday they uploaded “Beautiful Day”, but it’s clearly been merely upscaled to 1080p from low res video. So not every U2 music video will be properly remastered from original negatives.

    BTW, here's a link to a playlist with all the remastered music videos I could find. Here's a playlist with concerts in HD.

  6. Some videos from Pink Floyd.


    Next two were directed by Storm Thorgerson who also designed many of the band's album covers.


    Alternative version has more characters in it. Some sources state that this is the original version:



    Two clips that were displayed at concerts, I believe also by Thorgerson (though couldn't quickly find sources confirming that):


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